Monday, October 22, 2012

CSI Miami Brings the Heat on Facebook #CleverCSI #spon

So, I'm a big CSI fan...I've watched them all, CSI NY, CSI Las Vegas, and CSI Miami. Suspense and mystery are always so interesting and fun that I couldn't stop myself from watching these shows. When Ubisoft and Clever Girls approached me with this opportunity to review CSI Maimi Heat Wave on facebook, I became a #CleverCSI. Woot! Don't tell anyone, the whole #CleverCSI title makes my inner gamer geek squeal with joy.

I've never played a CSI game before so I went in with a blank slate. You go in as a rookie and after some quick training, you get to do your own cases. Of course, you work with Horatio, Ryan and the rest of the team. You process the scene for evidence, process the evidence and question suspects. It's all pretty easy to follow along with. I never realized you can drag the screen to move to other parts of the scene so I missed some parts of the crime scene initially. LOL, but at least you know now!
CSI Miami Heat Wave
You also have your own lab where you can expand it and collect required items to process evidence with. It's similar to other facebook games where you can visit your friends' CSI labs to help them collect items or use their help. I, in particular, liked how there were always quests to do. I mean, what's a game without quests?
CSI Miami facebook app review
The avatar can be personalized with your own fashion and style. You can purchase additional looks via the money you earn from processing the scene or interrogating suspects. Overall, it's a pretty straightforward game and I found myself quickly addicted to it. Only thing I didn't like was how fast my energy ran out. You can either wait for your energy to revive slowly over time or use shields to buy more energy. However, shields are hard to come by and you can use real life cash to purchase shields. Or if you become an elite CSI for a certain fee, you can use the game money to purchase more energy during that time that you're an elite CSI.

Well, I'm now a fully trained #CleverCSI. Will I be seeing you online? Play it.

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Debi@The Spring Mount 6 Pack said...[Reply]

I bet this is fun. I love all the CSI shows

Momstart said...[Reply]

That cracks me up

Emily Reviews said...[Reply]

I hadn't heard of this game yet but it sounds like fun i'll have to give it a try.

Ronni Keller said...[Reply]

As someone who lives in Vegas, I was a die hard fan until they started replacing the original cast the last few years. A few years ago, we even went to a local meet/greet show thingy and bought a decomp head they used as a prop on 1 very gross episode LOL

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