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The day I raided #Disney's #WreckItRalph Headquarters...#DisneyMoviesEvent

Disney poster
Mwahahahaha, yes, I used my secret #WreckItRalph destructive powers to raid Walt Disney Animation Studios on a fine day not too long ago. Once I snuck in, I infiltrated myself seamlessly into the studio and had a blast! Alright, I fess powers were bestowed on my courtesy of the #DisneyMoviesEvent. Oh, but I had so much fun raiding their headquarters. It was very hush hush because there were areas we weren't allowed to take pictures in and my brain was going all over the place trying to take in all the fun sights and sounds!
Walt Disney Animation Studios
Where do I even start? As we wandered in, all I could see was the colorful walls and displays. What a place to be working's a happy environment, alright. Is Disney hiring? Can I join? Haha! We first saw the screening of Wreck-It Ralph. They're still working on it at this point in time. The screener we saw still had parts that weren't fully completed yet. It was pretty neat but hey, I'm not worrying because you know I'll be watching it again when it gets released!
Wreck It Ralph production site
After the screener, we interviewed the director Rich Moore and producer Clark Spencer. Both are great guys by the way, super nice and easy to talk to. You'll be seeing my post on the interview pretty soon. Then, we saw the animated short, Paperman, which will be premiering in front of Wreck It Ralph November 2nd and chatted with the Producer Kristina Reed. Boy, the things we learnt!! I know, I'm being all secretive but I swear, I'll tell you more soon.
Sugar Rush Car building competition
Okay, then came the part I was waiting for...the Sugar Rush race car building competition. I had been looking forward to this forever! Sugar Rush is one of the worlds in the movie and we were going to be building our on race cars out of candy...candy! Needless to say, there was a bit of creative munching. Did I say munching? I meant designing! Haha...well, I tried my best to produce a Sugar Rush worthy car. I didn't win but that's okay, the competition was tough! Very tough! Check out all our creations. The winner is the top right one in the picture below. After all this, you're probably thinking, it can't get better than that, can it? Well, it's Disney so it can!
How to draw animated #WreckItRalph characters
In the afternoon, I continued my fun learning experience. We were shown how the ideas for the movie developed with Mike Gabriel (Art Director) with Lorelay Bove (Visual Development artist), how to draw animated characters with Renato dos Anjos (Head of Animation on Wreck-It Ralph) and Kira Lehtomaki (Animator) and we even went in a recording booth, coached by Raymond Persi (Storyboard artist/voice of Gene/voice of Zombie) and Gabe Guy (recording booth technician). Oh ya, I think I need a bit more practice but you'll see in a few weeks. I'll show you my drawings...I think I did okay with the Wreck-It Ralph fists but errr, Vanellope's ear is falling off in my drawing. Haha, but Renato was still nice and told me I did a great job! :)

This was a ridiculous amount of excitement for me...Disney = fun factory! I wandered around in awe and amazement with a big, silly smile plastered across my face the entire day. I loved the themed areas for each film that they were working on. For example, their Wreck-It Ralph area had the video games that they featured in the movie like Tapper, Fix-It Felix, and more! How cool is that? The entrance was even made like an arcade entrance! By the way, did you know their power food is cereal? They have a cereal bar to give them creative fuel when they're running low. LOL! We finished off the day with Monsters, Inc. 3D and a trip to Disney's Walk of Fame. I know, I'm ending it here or else you'd see a 800 page book of me gushing and raving about this day. There are going to be some awesome posts coming up soon though so don't miss out on those. Better yet, Wreck-It Ralph will be in theaters November 2nd!!

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KathleenKL said...[Reply]

in our family we are looking forward to seeing this in the theaters!! it looks GREAT!

Unknown said...[Reply]

Oh my goodness that looks like such a fun event! The food looks great, not just tasty but really fun too! How amazing to be able to attend the event! I can't wait to see this movie!

Liz Mays said...[Reply]

Love how you guys made all those cars!

Tesa @ 2 Wired 2 Tired said...[Reply]

What a fun event! Those treats are incredible and so creative and look delicious too. I can't wait to see this movie such a fun idea all around.

Unknown said...[Reply]

Wow ... great event! Sounds like you had a fun. We love Disney and all their movies. Thanks for sharing.

Groovy Mamma said...[Reply]

That looks so fun! What a great opportunity.

Sandy VanHoey said...[Reply]

Oh my gosh, I am envious! I would have loved to have gone to this. Love that Sugar Rush even with the cars out of candy. How cool!

Bekalee314 said...[Reply]

Looks like it was a lot of fun :)

Unknown said...[Reply]

It looks like you had an amazing time and you got to see a lot...I think that would have been amazing for my looked to have had a great time and I am glad you got to experience that

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Caffeinated Momma said...[Reply]

Wow, that looks like SO much fun!!

Unknown said...[Reply]

I wish I could move over there.. they add so much to the experience of a movie.

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