Monday, October 15, 2012

I want to be a part of the #DisneyFairies too! #DisneyMoviesEvent

Peggy Holmes Interview, Secret of the WIngs
Okay, I have never really been a girly girl. I have the girly things I like but I have always loved a strong woman who could take care of herself. When I was getting ready to watch Secret of the Wings, the newest addition to the #DisneyFairies collection, I wasn't quite sure what I was in for. At that point, I was also in total shock that John Lasseter actually came to see us prior to the movie screening. How awesome is that? If only I hadn't already handed over my phone...I would've loved a picture. Then Peggy Holmes (Director) came in and said her opening speech and I found myself looking forward to watching Secret of the Wings.

Disney has been keeping busy...they keep coming up with such unique and new ideas. Secret of the Wings is just one of those. It incorporates two new things never seen before in previous Disney fairies movies as per Peggy Holmes, "winter and cute winter clothes!" If you've ever watched any of the previous films, you'll notice that winter has never really been used much. Well, that is about to change because Tinkerbell is going to find someone special that will create that connection with winter forever. That special someone is her sister, Periwinkle. They were "two fairies born of the same laugh".

What really amuses me is the amount of research and thought that goes into each and everyone of these films. Due to the winter setting, the director did not want the film associated with Christmas so they thought long and hard about the names they would give to the characters. The names spawned from the blues of the wintery scenes so for example, you'd have Periwinkle and McLory, which are both various shades of blue. You would be surprised the amount of research that goes on for these films. For example, they brought in a "twin specialist" to determine the behavior of twins that had been separated early on and then reunited later in life. They also had a snow specialist and even a hair specialist. The hair specialist came in to style and cut Periwinkle's hairstyle live in front of the animating team so that they would know exactly how to animate it. All these details go into creating a magical Disney movie that makes us believe. This was also the first Disney Fairies movie to have 3D produced at the same time of release.
#DisneyFairies Secret of the Wings
So back to the movie...I was very pleasantly surprised that the movie wasn't overly girly and there were boy fairies! Captivated by the storyline, I wasn't sure why I even had doubts to begin with. I finished the film with the feeling that it was suitable for all genders and ages! The story was darling, clever, and adventure-filled. Sometimes, I wonder where Disney comes up with these ideas. This is bound to be another classic Disney movie filling watchers with the awe and wonder of fairies and family bonds. It is the beginning of many more adventures to come, maybe even some including Periwinkle. Oh and Disney Fairies fans, don't worry, there are already more projects in the making. Own Secret of the Wings 10/23.

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Crunchy Frugalista said...[Reply]

My daughters would have loved this trip. It's so awesome that Disney let's you guys get insight into what they are doing.

Unknown said...[Reply]

oh my, that would be so amazing to get the inside scoop behind the movies. I can't wait to see this movie with my daughter. She loves fairies.

Debi@The Spring Mount 6 Pack said...[Reply]

How cool. I love the Disney Fairies. I am not a girly girl either but have always loved all fairies. It is fun watching the fairies with my girls now.

Unknown said...[Reply]

Ha, ha, ha!!! Little Miss is obsessed with fairies so she would love this movie! Thanks for the scoop

Kas said...[Reply]

I loved this movies. I want to be a fairy too!

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