Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The surprising talent behind #Frankenweenie #DisneyMoviesEvent

Before the #Frankenweenie premiere, we had the opportunity to interview the young men who voiced the roles of Bob (Robert Capron), Edgar "E" Gore (Atticus Shaffer), and Victor Frankenstein (Charlie Tahan). What struck me when they first sat down was how mature each one was. As the interview went on, I became more and more surprised at the professionalism and aspirations they showed at such young ages. Not only did I learn a lot about the film, I also learnt quite a bit about the amount of work that goes into making a stop motion animation.
Did you know that most of the voice acting is finished prior to the production of the animation? This meant that the first time these three went in to record their lines, they only had the sketches of the scenes to refer to. They would have to decide and pull from within their own interpretation of the character. As the recording went on, new like puppets, model statues or animated footage for them to modify and further develop their character.

Surprisingly though, there was consensus between all 3 actors that voice overs are significantly easier than actual filming. Atticus notes, however, that the "challenging part of it was that you're not actually recording with other actors." The whole process took about 3 years although they may have had about 10 recording sessions spread out during this time period. Along the same lines, it took Atticus Shaffer a full year of auditioning before he realized he got the role of Edgar "E" Gore.

The part of the interview that cracked all of us up was Charlie Tahn's response on working with Tim Burton. "He's surprisingly normal." Funny, right? Because a genius filmmaker definitely can't be normal...haha! Frankenweenie is the 1st 3D Black and White movie ever, which makes it all so monumental. All 3 actors had watched the original Frankenweenie short that played during auditions. Atticus Shaffer, who you may also know from The Middle, hopes this movie "will inspire a new generation of kids to want to see the old classic films and see where the ideas originated from. And then not lose that part of our, of our history." That's the love of the history of movies for you, folks... It was so clearly evident that these young men had such love for their industry and their work. In fact, both Atticus and Robert want to go into directing and writing in the future. Don't miss history in the making 10/05 when Frankenweenie finally makes it on the big screens!

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Laura O in AK said...[Reply]

Sounds like both a fun and educational event for you. I have one son that wants to learn how to do his own computer animation. I don't mind it being part of his education as you never know where it might lead.

Caryn B. said...[Reply]

I was incredibly impressed with how well spoken they were

Grandma Juice said...[Reply]

Sounds like a great time you had with these guys! Good for them so mature in such a jaded industry too!! That's rare for even adults!


What a great experience, thanks for sharing with us :)

natalie said...[Reply]

wow! amazing!!! what a special treat! I can't wait to see it

Darcy said...[Reply]

What? Burton is normal? :P How fun though. I used to want to get into voice acting. :)

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