Wednesday, May 23, 2012

#K9Kamp Wk 1: Walking on Sunshine

K9 Kamp
Week 1's challenge was Walking on Sunshine. The goal? Walk at least an hour with your dogs in some absolutely gorgeous weather. We all live busy lives and sometime, you may find it hard to take your dogs out walking consistently. JR's a princess and refuses to walk when it's pouring so we were lucky that this week was gorgeous and sunny! Okay, guys, take it from here!

Pawty tips:
1) Do what you can, start small, end big.
2) Work on it a little at a time, you'll get there!
3) If you're lacking time, try doing short exercise runs when you can. You'll find it adds up to more than you think.
Baby Pom: Yay, walk time!
JR: Are we going yet? It feels like we're not going.
Stop taking pictures already! *grumble grumble*
JR/Baby Pom: So our week started with some gorgeous sunshine and warm weather. Mommy took us out for walks every day and we did 25-35 minutes of running or jogging/walking like we normally do but with variations. Several months ago, mommy couldn't even keep up with us. She's getting better but she's still quite the slow poke. We usually run full speed ahead for half a block-a block, really, until mommy gets tired...and then walk a block. We alternate back and forth so that we train, kind of like boxers. Our goal this week was to increase the running and decrease the walking. We start off slow, walking and enjoying the beautiful day...

Mommy: *Ahem* JR, that's because you kept detouring to sniff every tree, corner, and post out there...

JR/Baby Pom: That was only the first block and plus, we knew you needed to mentally prepare yourself for the challenge. Anyways, then we would run a full block, walk a block and repeat, but increasing the running part. So, we slowly worked ourselves up to running 2 full blocks before walking a block. It was tough work for mommy but I think we handled it quite well. It took a lot of effort but by the end of the week, we were like seasoned pros.

Mommy would also add in random exercise points. For example, if we were waiting for Daddy at the car, she'd walk us to the end of the parking lot then run back to the other side and repeated that several times until he was ready. Hey, exercise can happen anywhere and every little bit adds up to a lot. If you're low on time, try doing short spurts when you can and you'll find those add up. Throughout the week, we'd switch it up. We'd jog the first 4 blocks, then walk a bit, then jog the rest or we'd jog in the end or we'd sprint like crazy at the beginning. It was a lot of random fun. We also added in a lot of chasing each other around the apartment. Well, most of that was mommy running around and us chasing her but it was tons of fun!

We did hit a bump near the end of the week though. It was pouring one day and raining the other days. But luckily, we only missed one day this week. That's quite an accomplishment, right? Mommy, we think deserve treats for that. *hint hint*

And let us tell you, there's nothing happier than a tired dog. First stop after we get home...water and then it's nap time. What? We have to rest up to prepare for next week's challenge! How did your week go? What were you able to fit in? Were you able to get your mommy or daddy off the couch? No? Well, go do it now. Don't forget to come back and join us on Week 2's Challenge: Play with Your Balls, it goes up on Friday. Why's mommy laughing?! Nevermind, wee have to go, it's treat time!

Paws out,
JR and Baby Pom
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Erika said...[Reply]

Ok, that is just cute! I love your dogs, they are adorable! And great post - hopefully this will encourage a lot of people to do more walking/running with their dogs this summer!

Mariah @ said...[Reply]

Love your dogs! This is a great challenge! I need to talk it with my dogs. Our neighborhood is having a huge flea problem so I haven't been taking them out as much as they would like! :(

Ellen said...[Reply]

Such cuties! I wonder if my cats would want to walk with me :)

Kristyn said...[Reply]

such adorable dogs you have!

Peggy Frezon said...[Reply]

Congratulations on a super successful week one! I love the chasing each other around part, we do that too and it is always fun for all. Baby Pom and JR are adorable, and it's cute to think of them running with you! Thanks for the update, see you at week 2!
Peggy & Kelly and Brooks

Oskar said...[Reply]

Sounds like a great start to K9 Kamp. JR & Baby Pom are so cute!

Nubbin wiggles,

Anonymous said...[Reply]

Sounds like you had a lot of fun with the challenge! Tell JR not to be so cranky...haha! :)

Elyse and Riley

Unknown said...[Reply]

Hi BabyPom and JR! I like to run in Winter, but not in Summer.

Liz (Woof Woof Mama) said...[Reply]

Your dogs are adorable! Great to be doing K9 Kamp with you!

Annie said...[Reply]

Good job doing a run/walk variation during your time outside!! Mommy must be very proud of JR and Baby Pom! Keep up the great work...challenge 2 tomorrow!!

Kolchak Puggle said...[Reply]

Way to go you guys! That is awesome. I love how you took every opportunity you could to squeeze in some fitness. I think if we ran back and forth every time our Daddy was running late, the Mama would be thin as a rail in no time~!

Donna B. Russell said...[Reply]

Sounds like you guys had a great first week. It's great you were able to vary your exercise and take advantage of waiting time to get in more. Paige and I had a good first week, too. Stop by to see how we did:

Pup Fan said...[Reply]

Glad to hear that the first week went well! :)

Lauren @ Life With Desmond said...[Reply]

What cute pups you have! I think it sounds like you guys did a great job. We try to do the jogging/walking alternating as well, and I'm definitely only able to run one block at a time--for now!

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