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#DinerWear...Cravaat what? #Bibs? #Fashion? Looking good while staying clean #Review

Diner Wear
I'll be the first one to admit that I'm a klutz. I know I am. So many times, we've been out at a fancy restaurant and I'll drop something or end up splashing food on me or on the SO. LOL, I'll look up and he'll give me the "I give up" look. And it kills me too because I have some nice pieces of clothing and I'll dress up when we go out and I absolutely hate getting food all over it. So, that's why I figured the Cravaat would be perfect for me. It's not just a bib, it's fashionable bib! It's a scarf that can complement my fashion statement of the night. Pretty neat, right?
Fashionable bib
I received a Cream Microsuede Cravaat and a Black Cravaat II to review. What's the difference? It's mainly in the size. The Cravaat is 27" long x 8.5" wide (doubled gives you 17" wide), while the Cravaat II is a longer dining scarf that covers to your lap and measures 36" long x 14" wide. The Cravaat is made from brushed microfiber and feels like suede, while the Cravaat II is made of 100% polyester. Both items are stain resistant, machine washable and wrinkle resistant, which are properties that I love. I know myself and if I had my way, they'd be wrinkled before I even got out the door. The other difference in the Cravaat II is that it's actually sewn together in the font around the chest level to keep closed but it has a big opening to slip your head through.

They come prepackaged and I would say the Cravaat comes in a more gift friendly manner because it comes in a mesh bag that really is ready to be gifted. In terms of craftsmanship, it's quite nice, it's a bit slimmer around the neck area for the Cravaat and is really silky smooth. I quite like the design and frankly, I don't really want to get it dirty either because of the lighter color. Despite the slight differences in their designs, their function is the same. I feel the Cravaat II offers a bit more protection since the front is sewn together but at the same time, I prefer the Cravaat because it's more mobile. However, due to the size of the Cravaat II, it's more likely to give you a little warmth when you're feeling a bit chilly. So, in the end, I can't pick one over the other. They're both nice.
Cravaat Cravaat II
Cream Cravaat                         Blue Cravaat II
Okay, so I'm ready to eat my heart out and get dirty because when it comes down to it, both you and I want to know if it really works. I took it with me on my trip this past week and tested it out. I'm a messy eater so I had crumbs all over the place. I didn't drip anything on myself this meal so I couldn't really testify for that but the crumbs do just flick off the Cravaat and it kept everything off of my clothes. It does get some static cling so I was amazed that while it was making my hair stand on end, the food particles still fell off it quite easily.

In my opinion though, these Cravaats are great for people of all ages, whether as a bib or clothing protector. I just can't get over the fact that I can protect my nice clothes with this and just drop it in the wash afterwards. I think $20 is a good price to pay considering how much we spend on dry cleaning and sometimes, the stain doesn't even come out! It's such a pain! Plus, it's fashionable, so if you are gifting to anyone, especially an elderly person, it doesn't impinge on their independence since it looks like a fashion item rather than a bib. It's so creative, fashionable, and functionally useful for people of all ages that I think I may have fallen in love with it. What do you think? Do you or someone you know spill food all over themselves?

Buy It: Shop online for Diner Wear products. Cravaat and Cravaat II sell for 19.95 each but are cheaper in multiples. They also have the Napkin at Your Neck version for men.
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Dustykatt said...[Reply]

What a great idea. My husband is always a little embarrassed when I tuck my napkin in like a bib when we are out somewhere nice, but he knows what my clothes will look like if I don't.

Anonymous said...[Reply]

This is a cool idea! I spill everything when I eat, and feeding a baby is messy too, I would wear this for both!

Tee said...[Reply]

I love the !I love the Envy Push Up ® Bandeau & Shirred Band Bottom from Voda Swim!

RIchelle said...[Reply]

Id love one!

jenzen69 said...[Reply]

hmmm Not sure i would wear it but i bet my mom would love it

Autumn said...[Reply]

My husband could use the Cravaat.

Marion Scharf said...[Reply]

I am such a clutz that one of these would come in very handy

Lorena said...[Reply]

Haha, if my boyfriend wore this I would not have to keep Tide-to-Go in my purse anymore.

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