Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Why I'm joining K9 Kamp Blog Hop #K9Kamp

K9 Kamp
It's time for K9 Kamp! For those of you who don't know, Baby Pom and JR are part of the featured stars of this camp. For all you doggies and kitties out there, it's time to get in shape! We're helping to run K9 Kamp from May 14-Jun 14. Join up with us and enter to win some great prizes along the way. I see you have a questions...
What is K9 Kamp?
A great opportunity to exercise and get fit with your dog(s) while connecting with other bloggers.

How do I join?
Join our challenge posted on Peggy's Pet Place and Kol's Notes every Friday from May 18 through June 8. Complete the challenge with your dog whenever you can and blog about your results, join in with our K9Kamp Blog Hops every Thursday, or even simply just tell us in a comment how your challenge went that week. The first Blog Hop starts this Thursday, May 17th!
JR and Baby Pom
Why did we join up?
JR: Well, that's simple so I'll let Baby Pom answer that one.
Baby Pom: Mommy walks us every day but sometimes the routine gets a little boring, so we thought we'd snap up this chance to do something a little different, add a little spice to our usual routine. And...since mom came back from that trip, she's gained some weight so we'd love to help her work out and stay fit, while toning our Wooftastic muscles. And don't look down on me just because I'm small, I'm usually the first one out the door and can even keep up with my big sis, JR.
JR: Haha, keep can try, Baby Pom.
JR & Baby Pom: Well, will you be joining us keep your mommy and daddy fit while having some fun and winning some prizes too? The first challenge will be posted on Friday. Are you up to the challenge? Let us know in the comments below and we hope to see you in the upcoming posts! You can follow along with all our posts here.

Paws out,
JR and Baby Pom
P.S. If you want to write a post on Why you want to join the K9 Kamp this year, add your link below! Please take the time to enter my giveaways while you're here. We have some doggy-friendly ones happening right now!Disclaimer: Please view my full disclosure.

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Kolchak Puggle said...[Reply]

We're so excited to have you joining us for K9 Kamp! JR and Baby Pom look cute as woof, but I bet they make fabulous personal trainers!

Peggy Frezon said...[Reply]

You're right--K9Kamp is not just for losing weight. It's great for adding some fun and a change of routine too. JR and Baby Pom are absolutely adorable, I can't wait to see how they like the challenges!

Donna B. Russell said...[Reply]

Paige and I are new to K9Kamp, but looking forward to the challenges.

Actingbalanced said...[Reply]

This looks like a great idea for a hop! No pets here, but I'm interested to see what pops up at K9 camp!

East9thStreet said...[Reply]

Haha, I love their "conversation!" My 13-year old lab can only walk about 1 mile now before he gets worn out and my crazy 7-year old lab thinks she has to attack every leaf that blows by. Maybe I can borrow my neighbors dog to participate. :)

Debi Gerhart said...[Reply]

What a really great idea. Angel is a bit small for such a long walk her little legs get too tired, but a more intensive walk would be good for her.

Caryn B. said...[Reply]

Aw...very cute....I used to own a dog...and then children came along and it got to be too much

Pup Fan said...[Reply]

I love the photo you used! Looks like they were having quite the intense discussion. ;)

Looking forward to reading about the first challenge!

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