Thursday, May 24, 2012

#Summer #Savings #Tip

Saving money
It's not a matter of wanting to save money, it's I NEED to save money because I'm neck deep in student loans. LOL, so when I see coupons or discounts, I'll jump on them. It's a good habit to save money, who knows when you'll need it! Sometimes, a little bit saved here and there could turn out to be a great treat elsewhere, like money saved for a nice dinner or even a vacation, right? So, here is a great summer saving tip for those of you who spend any money online.

For me, it usually revolves around buying clothes or even flight tickets travelling home to visit family. I search every coupon site out there in the hopes of getting a slight discount. Sometimes, it's a bit harder than it seems and I'll spend hours searching for a good promo code without any results.

An example of one of these promo code sites is They have a variety of discount codes and they make it easy right from the front page landing. There's a nice big search box for you to search for whatever company you're looking for. On the side, they have the discount categories listed like art, clothing, shoes, and accessories, pets, travel, and many more. They also show the most recently updated codes and deals for the day. I was able to find out the daily Apple store deals...something I didn't even know existed. Shame on me considering I love my Macs. It could've saved me some money!

You can subscribe to the deals/discount code updates and you can choose which stores you want updates. This means no unnecessary spam, right? Awesome feature! I noticed two tabs they have which seem to correlate with the current timing of the year, one for 2012 Summer Travel Deals and one for 2012 Graduation Deals. It's likely they'll update those tabs at various parts of the year to correlate with the seasonal activities. I already told you I needed to book a flight home so of course, I went into the Summer Travel Deals tab and found that deals and discounts were organized alphabetically by company which I liked! However, the listing didn't include as many airlines and companies as I would have liked but that would definitely be something for them to improve on for the future. Remember, using promo codes are a super easy way to save some cash this summer!

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