Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Playing with your balls in #K9Kamp Wk 2

K9 Kamp
Week 2's challenge was Play with your balls. Teehee, I was so tempted to post a picture of Baby Pom's balls up. What exactly were you thinking? We are playing with balls to be exact but isn't the name hilarious? To be honest, we kept up the running and walking this week and added the ball activities on the side. I'll let the babies take it from here.

JR/Baby Pom: Huh? We don't play fetch. What's the fun if mom doesn't come to chase us? So, we'll go chase after the ball but then run off with it. So mom just rolls the ball down our hallway or bounces it and then we'll try to grab it. For some reason though, it's always funner if we try to play keep away from each other! If it's a nice day out, Mommy and Daddy will take us to the tennis courts and we'll run free, chasing the balls.
Cute Ball girl
Baby Pom: JR is a certified "ball girl". She picks up the balls and puts them all by the net for mommy and daddy. I, on the other hand, prefer to sit back and enjoy the sunshine. There's some good sticks around here too. Those are fun to play with.
Cute Pom
JR/Baby Pom: Mommy and Daddy also take breaks to run us up and down the courts. It's the best when no one's there and we have the length of 4 courts to chase the balls at. Or better yet, we sometimes like to scare Mom and have her chase after us.

So, the balls challenge was a little more difficult for Mom this week. Not really for us, we just like making her work. How did your week go? Did things work out or did you make your Mommy and Daddy work too?

Paws out,
JR and Baby Pom
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Audrey said...[Reply]

"Keep away" is the best game to play. Chase the ball and when mom tries to come and get it from you, run run away! Sounds like you had fun. Baby Pom is just so pretty!

Peggy Frezon said...[Reply]

Wow that tennis ball is almost as big as JR! lol. A tennis court is a great idea of a place to run and play loose, while gated in a larger area. Good for Mom for running up and down the court too.
Peggy & Kelly

Kolchak Puggle said...[Reply]

LOL, love the picture of JR with that tennis ball! It looks huge compared to her. How does she even get her mouth around it? Good for you all running up and down the court - sounds like fun!

Anonymous said...[Reply]

Sounds like you all had fun! We don't really have any tennis courts around to play on, but I bet we'd have tons of fun on one! Great pictures!

Elyse and Riley

Lauren @ Life With Desmond said...[Reply]

We sometimes go the local tennis courts, too, when the sand at the dog park is wet & muddy after a storm. Not that we're allowed to, but... :-)

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