Sunday, May 27, 2012

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How can it be? I just finished week #20 week of my Nutrisystem program and the SO has passed his 12th week. So, I know I had said the goal this week was to work off the rest of the weight from the trip a couple weeks ago...but I ran into some slight the form of my SO...
LOL, now that he's not as busy as he was last month, it's created opportunities for him to want to eat other food. We were also running a lot of errands this week so his excuse was, "...but we're already here and it's so close!" LOL, suckered in, we ended up buying take-out several days this week. Sadly so, that meant I gained a bit of weight back...however, I have hope! The next month of Nutri has just arrived so I have an excuse to say, "Babe, all the food is here, we can't order out." Right? Plus, I'm glad we're doing K9 Kamp. Or else, who knows how much weight we would've gained. Just got to get the right amount of exercise in there...
Starting Weight (142.8lb/142.5)
Week 1: -1.9lb (140.6)
Week 2: -2.0lb (138.6)
Week 3: +0.2lb (138.8)
Week 4: -3.8lb (135.0)
Week 5: +0.2lb (135.2)
Week 6: -1.4lb (133.8)
Week 7: +1.0lb (134.8)
Week 8: -1.8lb (133.0)
Week 9: -0.5lb (132.5)
Week 10: -0.7lb (131.8)
Week 11: +0.6lb (132.4)
Week 12: 0.0lb (132.4)
Week 13: -1.8lb (130.6)
Week 14: -0.8lb (129.8)
Week 15: -1.0lb (128.8)
Week 16: -2.0lb (126.8)
Week 17: +0.4lb (127.2)
Week 18: +2.8lb (130.0)
Week 19: -1.6lb (128.4)
Week 20: +1.0lb (129.4)
Current totals: -13.1lbs

The SO got reached the 10lb NutriBear milestone last week and it's arrived! It was all that pizza and fried foods this week so there was a bit of weight gain but I'm sure it'll be gone before the end of the week.
Starting Weight (162.0lb)
Week 1: -5.1lb (156.9)
Week 2: +0.1lb (157.0)
Week 3: -1.0lb (156.0)
Week 4: -1.0lb (155.0)
Week 5: +1.0lb (156.0)
Week 6: -2.0lb (154.0)
Week 7: 0.0lb (154.0)
Week 8: -1.0lb (153.0)
Week 9: +0.6lb (153.6)
Week 10: +1.4 (155.0)
Week 11: -3.0 (152.0)
Week 12: +2.0 (154.0)
Current totals: -8.0lbs

Are you trying to lose weight? How has it been going for you?

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