Saturday, May 26, 2012

Fighting allergies to become a #ClearBeauty #CBias #SocialFabric

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Before living in New York, I had no allergies...I was healthy! After I started living here, I discovered, NYC = Allergy Central. I still remember a local telling me that "New York has one of the highest pollen indexes and if you weren't allergic before, you will be now." I now had a problem. I'd go home and be fine but as soon as I came back here, especially if it was pollen now, I'd face a myriad of problems. Oh my, my nose would run, my ears would get plugged up, my eyes itchy and of course, my chronic sinusitis would get worse. I've been dealing with difficult breathing on and off due to my congestion but it's always worse in New York. Most of the time, I deal with it unless my allergies get really bad.
I totally did not want to share this picture of you. I felt like doo doo, to put it nicely. My face was swollen, my nose get the picture without having to see it. Ugh! Gross...No, wait...please don't run away. I'm really not that scary looking. LOL, let's get rid of this ugly face. How? I've got a budget of $25 at CVS to show you how. Check out the full mission to becoming a #ClearBeauty on my Google+ Album.
Allegra coupon
First things first, to get rid of these annoying symptoms, I need Allegra. It's on sale this month for $17.99 with a CVS card and there was a $3 Extrabucks rewards. I also found a coupon for $5 off on Allegra's facebook site, making my Allegra purchase $17.99 -$5 = $12.99 + a $3 extrabucks reward, meant I really only spent $9.99 on the Allegra so far. Then I needed some make up. I like keeping it nice and simple so I grabbed some mascara and brow liners. Luckily, L'Oreal was having a BOGO 50% off, so I was able to pick up my usual mascara and liners for about $15. You'll see my arsenal included nuts too...LOL, what? I wanted healthy snacks to make me feel better too!
dog food out of stockdish soap out of stockAllegraMy Arsenal
I had a really extensive shopping list because I was also aiming for the $10 free gas card with the purchase of $30 worth of specific products. That drove me insane! Everything was out of stock...the shelves were empty! And the ridiculous part was, even if they had the stock in the back, they were "not allowed to bring it up front because they had already done inventory". I'm sorry, but really? I know it's important to do your counts and all but you're not going to let a customer buy a product because of that!? The only thing is, the staff was so nice that I really couldn't get upset at them. The several I chatted with were friendly and helpful and it wasn't their fault. It was the darned store policy.
I was really surprised with the Allegra. Ya, I know the mechanics behind the drugs but still, I wasn't expecting it to work that good. I got the extended release one because I wanted to be feeling good all day. I took it and I felt like I could breath. I don't think I ever felt so clear before in the whole time I've been in New York. It also took care of my sinus headache. So, I was wondering if it was a placebo effect so I didn't take it the next day. I became slightly congested again. Then I took it for the next 2 days and was feeling pretty good, so I'm convinced. It helps and may just be the allergy solution New Yorkers need! Look at me! I look like myself again! You may even ask, who's that beauty? LOL, or am I just getting ahead of myself? You were thinking about my gorgeous puppies, weren't you?

Want to learn more about Allegra? Or want to feel better yourself? Go and play the Allergan Makeover Game for your chance to instantly win a $50 CVS gift card. Follow @AllegraOTC.

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A Helicopter Mom said...[Reply]

I definitely need some Allegra! I can barely see in the mornings because my eyes are so sensitive and swollen!

Kristyn said...[Reply]

i dont have a problem with allergies but it sounds like Allegra works great!

Emily Reviews said...[Reply]

That surprises me that they have extra in the back but wouldn't bring it forward. I wait around on the good coupon sales for allegra because I can't afford to purchase it as much as I need to but it works SO well.

Caryn B. said...[Reply]

My allergies are so bad....Yes...I actually have to use allergy medicine and have gone back and forth between Allegra and Zyrtec....

Allegra Allergy Medicine said...[Reply]

That’s so awesome that this worked for your allergies!

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