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Getting rid of bad gas with #HappyTails Sparkle and Shine & Dog Smog #Review

I'm so happy to be a part of the HappyTails giveaway event! *Woof Woof* *Woof* Okay, okay, I'll let you guys take over from here. Okay, JR here, baby Pom by my side and we're going to do this review of the HappyTails items sent to us.

After a jog and before the shower
Cute Pom Jack Russel
JR: The first item we received was the Sparkle and Shine, a gentle, yogurt & honey 9 oz dog shampoo. It's supposed to brighten any color of coat and give your "older dog" that puppy-fresh shine.
Baby Pom: Hey, that's you, JR! You can look as cute as me with this shampoo.
JR: *Growls* It's not only for freshening your coat color but it's also good for light colored coats so that actually works for you too, Baby Pom. It also comes in a gallon size and has the light scent of vanilla. It's the most gentle shampoo in the whole HappyTails Spa line and contains all these natural ingredients like flax seed and honey. Sounds good enough to eat! The yogurt and comfrey are also supposed to condition and heal broken skin. Mommy will like that because I hurt my paw recently and it's still trying to heal. And don't worry, baby Pom, it's a tearless shampoo so you don't have to cry like a baby anymore. Okay, shower time...
JR: Oh ya, rub that in, it's nice and thick and smells yummy too. It's like getting a massage. *sigh* That was nice, mommy's totally pampering us now because we're super soft! I heard her saying that the parts of my white fur are looking sparkly white. I must look good! You look nice too, Baby Pom, all fluffy and clean. You didn't even cry! Good job! It's time to go for a walk again and strut our stuff.
After the shower...
Baby Pom JR
Baby POM: *Woof* Teehee, this next item we're reviewing is perfect for trouble makers like us, especially JR. JR likes to let the gas go a lot, especially when she's standing up on her hind legs. Does it just come out smoother that way?
JR: You're not much better!
Baby Pom: I'm guilty of tooting too but that's not all. Mommy thinks our breath stinks so HappyTails Spa sent us the Dog Smog remedy which contains digestive enzymes to help get rid of both bad breath and bad gas by getting to the root of the problem. This comes in a 7.6oz bottle and a smaller 2 oz bottle. Hmm, so how does this bottle work? Oh, look, mommy can spritz it in our mouths or on a treat for the stinky breath and add some into our water for the stinky bum. I vote for the treats! This one's also made of all natural ingredients and include peppermint and fennel and plant-based enzymes, papain and bromelain. We made mommy chase us around because we were scared of the spray but at the same time, it was so nommy, we couldn't stop licking ourselves afterwards. But Mommy then decided to put it in the water instead to make it easier on us, which tastes pretty good too. Mmm,  our breaths smelt nice and minty and both JR and I are tooting less. Now daddy can't blame his toots on us! Mommy kept sniffing at our breaths and was even telling daddy to smell too.

These all natural solutions are really something, aren't they but they feel a tad pricey for the size. Well, what do you think? Did you enjoy our very first review? If we do good, mommy may give us our own bloggy corner on WOS.

Paws Out,
JR and Baby Pom

Buy It: Shop online for HappyTails Spa products. Sparkle and Shine and Dog Smog both sell for $14 each.

Win It: 1 Whirlwind of Surprises' reader will win the same two items for their doggies. Come back to enter the giveaway starting May 15th! Make it easier on yourself by showing the sponsor some love now: Like HappyTails Spa on facebook.

Disclaimer: The product/s mentioned above have been provided for the purposes of this review. No other form of compensation was received. Opinions expressed belong to Whirlwind of Surprises and are NOT influenced in any way. Please view my full disclosure.

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Crissy said...[Reply]

Haha I need about three gallons of this stuff.

Crunchy Frugalista said...[Reply]

My dog has the worst gas! I loved this product because his toxic behind got better!

Anonymous said...[Reply]

We don't have a dog but I remember the dog one of my college friends had because of the awful gas he had! Sounds like this is a great way to take care of that

MMAR said...[Reply]

I am with Crissy!! My 3 dogs can be rotten... and better leave the room when it happens!!

Trish B. said...[Reply]

I have three rescued Bulldogs and could really use the Dog Smog Remedy! They will poot you out of a room! Sometimes, if they poot in their sleep, they will wake up scared not knowing where that noise came from! LOL!

Anonymous said...[Reply]

Dig E. Dog a Jack Russell can make my other dog leave the room for some fresh air. That is bad when another dog gets offended by the smell. lol

Autumn said...[Reply]

Twitter - beakkelly, facebook, GFC, Network blogs - autumn kelly. I liked Happy Tails. Please follow back.

GW said...[Reply]

Need it for my dog have to use baby shampoo

Grace Matthews said...[Reply]

You have cute babies. My dog has horrible gas also. These products look great

Unknown said...[Reply]

following you on G+ and FB please follow back
Theresa Rezler

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