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The latest and greatest from Epson comes in a small size in the form of Epson LabelWorksTM LW-600P. What's that? It is the first app-enabled label printer on the market that has an amazing amount of features for such a little machine. This blows all other label machines out of the water and is suitable for all sorts of organizing, labelling, wrapping, and even share photos simply by a QR code label.

The LW-600P operates with 6AA batteries or an adapter and works together with apps on smart phones and tablets via Bluetooth or USB connection. The LW-600P is the smallest 24mm (~1") label on the market. No wires required if you go with the AA battery and Bluetooth route, making the printer even more portable!
Simplify your life with Epson LabelWorks
The main app is the Epson iLabel which is incredibly user friendly. Options are clearly laid out, make your own original label, QR code, or Bar code. Or use a pre-made label in the label catalog. Set your print settings through a straight forward menu or even buy tape through the app. It's all right there for you. Want to reprint a label you made? No problems, it's saved in the history section.

Once you choose what kind of label you want to make, you have more options. Use speech-to-text voice transcription to make the labels. Type your labels and change the font. Use custom symbols and logos. Perhaps the most versatile part of this machine is that it is compatible with different size labels from 6mm (~1/4") up to 24mm(~1") and different types meaning you can print anything from glow-in-the-dark labels to iron-on labels to general labelling to gift ribbons! Preview it on your smart phone or tablet before printing it!
Amplify your artistic side with Epson LabelWorks
It even tells me when I have the wrong tape width chosen!
Imagine what one could do with this! Gorgeous, personalized ribbons for presents one minute and then iron-on labels for the kids' school supplies or clothing. With compatible non-Epson apps like Stkr.it allows users to link a photo, video, or audio clip from your smart phone to a QR code, print and attach it to your greeting cards to share easily with others.

The possibilities are endless! My favorite is actually inspired by a video I saw off the Epson site. When we last moved, I was in the delusion that when I wrote stuff on the outside of the box, I would know exactly what was in there once we arrived. I quickly realized it drove me crazy not knowing what was in what box despite all my writing on the outside of a box. Take a picture of the inside and turn it into a QR code with the Epson LabelWorksTM LW-600P. Stick that on the outside of the box and scan it after you move to see exactly what's inside. Genius!

The Epson LabelWorksTM LW-600P kit (MRSP $99.99) kit starts with a 4m sample of black on white 12mm (~1/2") tape. It does not come with the batteries but it has everything you need to get started.

The techie is stunned and excited at all the usefulness this tiny machine (2" x 5.5" x 5") has to offer. It's a must have! Simplify someone's life and get them one of these. Know someone craftsy? I bet they'd love this!

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