Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy #Halloween! Here's some #MeetBaymax Treats! #BigHero6 Activities

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Happy Halloween, everyone! Have a great time out there tonight and stay safe! This Halloween, I'd love to share with you Baymax! Have you met him? He's an adorable, big, chubby robot out to fight evil! It's only my most anticipated animated film of this year... :) So much that I stopped by the Disney store the other day and picked up Baymax t-shirts for us!
Happy halloween
If you don't know who Baymax is, meet him in this adorable clip!
Some days, I wish I were still in New York so I could've seen this Big Hero 6 New York Comic Con Sizzle, featuring Fall Out Boy's new song, "Immortals!" LOL, this clip is actually pretty hilarious, I love the switch from nice face to mean face. Who am I kidding? It's still awesome!
Alright, now that you've seen the out of this world geniousness and adorable, white robot known as Baymax, check out the trailer. I truly enjoy showing trailer to everyone. It's bound to be a great movie!
BIG HERO 6 opens in theaters everywhere on November 7th! In the meantime, have a wonderful Halloween. I have some treats for you here too from Disney. Click the image to download the printable Big Hero 6 activities!
Bighero6 #MeetBayMax activity sheets

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