Wednesday, October 24, 2012

#ChickenSoup for the Soul: Boost Your Brain Power

Chicken Soup
I'll be the first to admit it. My memory's going and I'm not even that old yet. Half the time I say I'll do something and ten minutes later, I'll be asking myself what I was supposed to do. LOL, so it was refreshing to see Chicken Soup's Boost Your Brain Power book show up at my door. Lord knows I could use a little help!
Boost Your Brain Power
As with the other Chicken Soup for the Soul Health books, this one is also written in part by Harvard Medical School's Dr. Marie Pasinski, a neurologist. This book is meant for all sorts of people. It can be for those like me who would like to be just a tad brighter, those who would like to recover their brains after traumatic injuries or stroke  or even those who just want to keep their minds active.  Many people would like to enhance their brainpower and are looking for help to do just that. Or better yet, if you know someone who's aging, it can help to reduce risk factors for Alzheimer's disease. I love reading so I, in particular, enjoyed the story that told me reading is "mental dental floss". It'll help to keep my mind active and this book makes for some good mental dental floss! LOL! It's a short book and a great read for any age.

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Debi@The Spring Mount 6 Pack said...[Reply]

I love the Chicken Soup books.

Jeannette said...[Reply]

Oh, I love this series and I need this! I tell my sons that I gave each of them a little bit of my brain when they were born. Maybe this can help!

Unknown said...[Reply]

I love these chicken soup for the soul type books. Didn't know they had a new one! Gotta check it out.

Cecile said...[Reply]

I love these books! This one looks like a great one.

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