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Ultimate #WreckItRalph fan? Put it to the test with this quiz!

One of my favorite parts of Wreck-It Ralph is the ending lines of the Bad Anon Meeting.
I am bad and that's good. I'll never good and that's not bad. There's no one I'd rather be than me.
Where do you find such adorable bad guys? Right? So loveable! See it for yourself in this Bad Guy Second Thoughts clip.
Now, the moment you've been waiting for. Do you have the guts to take THE ULTIMATE WRECK-IT RALPH QUIZ?
Wreck It Ralph Quiz for ultimate fans, #WreckItRalph
1) In what year was the arcade game Fix-It Felix Jr. first plugged in?
2) How heavy is Ralph?
3) Who gave Fix-It Felix, Jr. his magic hammer?
4) In the movie, Ralph attends a special meeting alongside Zangief and Bowser. What’s the name of the group?
5) What is the color of Ralph’s eyes?
6) At one point in the story, Ralph meets an orange ghost from PAC-MAN. What is the ghost’s name?
7) After his meeting, what colorful fruit does Ralph take back to Game Central Station?
8) Ralph gives a piece of fruit to an arcade character in Game Central Station. Who?
9) Who does Fix-It Felix, Jr. think will be fashionably late to the penthouse party?
10) What color baseball cap does Fix-It Felix, Jr. wear?
11) What is the name of the Nicelander that made the party cake?
12) How many quarters do you need to play Hero’s Duty?
13) Can you name the arcade in the movie?
14) What word is written on the medal from Hero’s Duty?
15) Can you name the candy-cart racing game in the movie?
16) Who is the ruler of the kingdom made entirely of candy?
17) What color is Sour Bill?
18) What’s written on the mat outside the candy castle?
19) What is a ‘vurp’?
20) Who is the best man at Fix-It Felix, Jr.’s wedding?

Match up the movie quotes with the correct characters from Wreck-It Ralph.
1) “I’ve always wanted to try cake!”
2) “Standby… My Q*Bert-eze is a little rusty!”
3) “The code is the sweet lifeblood of the game!”
4) “Hey, are you a hobo?”
5) “Oh boy… Looks like the game’s gone cuckoo!”

Do you know the characters, cast and crew of Wreck-It Ralph?
1) Can you name the actor who provides the voice of Ralph in the movie?
2) Who is the Director of Wreck-It Ralph?
3) What is the full name of the Sugar Rush character voiced by Sarah Silverman?
4) What color is Q*bert?
5) Which American actor provides the voice of Fix-It Felix, Jr. in the movie?

1) 1982
2) 643 pounds
3) His father
4) Bad Anon
5) Brown
6) Clyde
7) Cherries
8) Q*bert
9) Mario
10) Blue
11) Mary
12) Eight
13) Litwak’s
14) HERO
15) Sugar Rush
16) King Candy
17) Green
19) A vomit and a burp!
20) Ralph

1) Ralph
2) Fix-It Felix Jr.
3) King Candy
4) Vanellope Von Schweetz
5) Mr. Litwak

1) John C. Reilly
2) Rich Moore
3) Vanellope Von Schweetz
4) Orange
5) Jack McBrayer
If you correctly answered 0-10 questions…
Uh-oh! You’re not the most sharp-eyed viewer of Wreck-It Ralph – but don’t let that put you off. Why don’t you watch the movie a few more times and take the test again? We’re sure you’ll beat your old score with ease next time. Good luck, gamer! 

If you correctly answered 11-20 questions…
Great work, arcade fan! When it comes to the video games of Wreck-It Ralph, you’re not quite on the high score board – but you’re definitely on your way to the top. Want to power up and see if you can do better next time? Go on, you know you can do it… 

If you correctly answered 21-30 questions…
Congratulations on your amazing high score! Are you best friends with Ralph, Vanellope and Felix? Well, you should be with your expert knowledge of the movie. You’ve earned a top spot on the leaderboard hall of fame for your efforts. Game on!
Teehee! I got 24 correct. How about you?
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