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#DisneyOz whisks us down the yellow brick road to Emerald City

Disney Oz The Great and Powerful movie review, #DisneyOz
If I want to be brutally honest, let's start with this. Although I knew Oz The Great and Powerful would be a good movie, I didn't expect it to impress as much as Monsters University, Planes, and Iron Man 3. Yes, I know those aren't out yet but I already know they'll be epic!
#DisneyOz Review
So I was pleasantly surprised when I was swept into the beautiful scenery of Oz. The vibrant colors and blossoming imagery were a view to be held. I found myself lost in this wonderfully imaginary world as dreamt up by director, Sam Raimi.

In terms of 3D, wow! Go and watch it in 3D! It is the very essence that we expect of 3D movies. Projectiles flying by you and barely skimming by your face. The SO and I were thrilled and kept at the edge of our seats with all the action. My favorite 3D scene was the snow. The beautiful flakes drifting off the screen was pure, gentle, and comforting.

The story is a pretty good one. From all the synopses and clips we had seen thus far, they really kept it under wraps, huh? I enjoyed the twist in the plot and loved how they wrapped everything together.

**Spoiler alert**
I found it heart warming and amusing that Zach Braff who plays Oz's assistant, but not his friend, also voices Finley, the trustworthy flying monkey who becomes his assistant, loyal companion, and ultimately, his friend.
China Girl and Finley
Oz the Great and Powerful is an emotionally charged film with cleverly injected humor.

Those that question the darkness of the movie and the suitable age for child viewers would be surprised. For me, the film wasn't really dark at all. The 6 year old who sat behind me would agree as she enthusiastically commented on parts of the film throughout the 2+ hours.

When Wanda asks magician Oz what she should do about her possible marriage, my child commentator smartly said, "it's your choice!" Not once did I hear her complain about the darkness or scariness of the film even when the flying baboon army attacked.

Overall, a great and powerful 3D movie well worth the trip to the theater with the family this weekend!
James Franco gets a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
Did you know James Franco was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame yesterday? What great timing, huh?

To get  you more in the mood for Oz, check out this newly released interview of Zach Braff (“Finley”) and Joey King (“China Girl”) where they interview each other about OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL. Since today's opening day, head to to watch an exclusive two-minute clip from the film!
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