Friday, March 29, 2013

Settling in for some sweet board #games for game night! #toys

Board game heaven for all is what Wonder Forge should call themselves. With an expansive line of games, you can't help but be pulled in.

For the little ones (3+), there's your classic matching game (2+ players) with favorite Disney characters and themed for Easter. This doesn't need much explaining, you add pairs for increased difficulty. It's much healthier for you than Easter candy though!

Then there's a new sensation. Remember I said Ninja Turtles were back? Here's one of the new games called "Clash Alley" (2-4 players), a strategy board 3-dimensional game recommended for those 6+. A game board filled with obstacles and enemies as you race your friends to see who completes their mission first.

You can team up to battle enemies or you an fight them alone. There's also 3 ways of movement...the typical horizontal/vertical run, jump, and climb. You choose whatever combination your 3 dice rolls and you don't even have to use all the steps.

This is a real interactive game but it takes some time to understand and work out. Definitely more suited for kids a little older.
fun board games
Konexi is a word game for ages 10+ and 2-4 players. We're now delving into my geek side. It's like Jenga with words. It doesn't matter if the letters are out of order, as long as they're latched together and can make a word, you get points.

First to 20 points wins and if you knock the tower get the picture. I loved how simple yet addicting Konexi is. It even comes with a travel pouch so you can take it on the road.

Last but not least is MythBusters!! Do you watch it? We love that show around here. It's so cool to watch them test everything out. Ya, it's geeky, whatever. Who wouldn't want to try out the stuff Adam, Jamie, Tory, Kari, and Grant do? Hell, they have so much fun while finding out science facts. This game features science trivia straight from the show and has 400 trivia cards for a ton of fun.

By answering trivia questions, you can position your targets or aim the catapult. Point is, the more trivia you get right, the more you get to launch Buster and try to score points when he hits your targets. It's active play for both your mind and body. Plus, you learn a ton of cool facts while you're at it. Oh ya, hands down, this will be one of our favorite games. The SO eyes the box down every time he walks by it. Definitely not BUSTED.

Which game catches your eye the most? What do you usually play on game night?

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