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Getting ready for a special day with #DRLean1 #cbias #SocialFabric

Those of you who know me, know I've tried countless fitness and weight loss products. I seem to be testing out a new one every month or so. They all work to a degree but I just can't seem to stick to them to see consistent effects. Yet, I still push myself to try them in my quest for fitness, good health, and a healthy body weight. Ya, I know, you all see me and think I'm crazy. I'll tell you this though. I look 20-25lbs lighter than what my real weight is. Surprised?

I am a fan of fitness products. I'm all for trying new things and seeing if they work. All the better if I can cut some fat and lose some weight...staying healthy! As we age, it becomes harder and harder to keep off that weight. It sucks but it's reality.

I'm no stranger to protein shakes. I kind of like them because I love a nice, toned body. I don't have it yet but one day! Anyways, protein shakes have always got a good, high source of quality protein and they're filling. I incorporate them in my diets on and off.
#DRLean1 toning my muscles and cutting fat
This time though, I had extra motivation to test out Lean1. I have a very special day coming up, a wedding. No, we're not doing anything special, nothing fancy, nothing extravagant. Just something simple. BUT...I still would like to look nice. I don't really want my pooch hanging out.

Lean1 is the first ever fat burning meal replacement/protein shake, easily available at my local Duane Reade. I seem to find myself in there every other day! It makes it a lot easier to shop when they're open 24 hours a day.

When I get protein shakes, I look for the presence of whey isolate protein, the good stuff. This fat burning meal replacement has it all.
First ever fat burning protein shake, meal replacements, #DRLean1
My Duane Reade had tubs of #DRLean1 in chocolate and vanilla. Each tub is 10 servings if you use 2 scoops per serving. They recommend 2 scoops regularly and 3 scoops for more active days or during the maintenance phase.

I've always been partial to chocolate-flavored protein shakes. They always left a weird aftertaste. This one tasted like chocolate cake. The flavor wasn't bad but it was a little sweet for me. The vanilla was kind of a off-taste vanilla. It wasn't your typical vanilla flavor but it didn't taste bad either. There was no aftertaste on either.
Getting every drop out of my chocolate meal replacement shake
The other thing I noticed was that these shakes were quite thick but they went down easy. Not surprisingly, they filled me and kept me full so they work great as meal replacements. I tend to use them as breakfast at 6-7am and they do well to hold me up until about 2pm or so.

At 200 calories, they're slightly higher in caloric content than the usual shakes I use but not too bad. In terms of fat burning properties, I seriously think my pooch has gotten slightly smaller. At any rate, I have seen a slow weight reduction combined with my present diet regimen.

Things I love:
-It's a healthy meal replacement shake.
-It contains 20-30g of premium protein, 14 organic fruits and vegetables, 5g of fiber and heart healthy phytosterols in every serving.
-It's easy to make and it's filling so you eat less.
-It burns fat and tones muscle.
#DRLean1 curbs hunger, burns fat, and promotes lean muscle
Things I'm partial to:
-The flavor could be improved on. It tastes alright, not bad but I wouldn't say it's delicious.

Things I don't like:
-Nothing...seriously, I'm replacing meals healthily and burning fat while toning my muscles. Um, I'm in. Wait, I guess pricewise, it's $26 a tub for 10 servings so it's around $2-3/shake. Don't forget to use this coupon for $5 off any Lean1 product making it around $21/tub so closer to $2/serving!

I need to go back and pick up more since the SO has taken a liking to it too! Do you ever use protein shakes? What do you like/dislike about them?
fat burning meal replacement, #DRLean1
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