Thursday, March 21, 2013

Cooking with Ted Allen! #CookWithSpreads

Well, as some of you know, I was a very lucky lady last week because I got to cook with Ted Allen! And...the best part is, the cupcakes we made turned out perfectly. I didn't destroy anything. Why?

Because Ted Allen did it all! LOL, lucky for everyone's stomach and mine. Oh my, well, before the food, let's talk nutrition or there's going to be drool all over my keyboard! I spoke with dietician, Tara Gidus, and Unilever's in-house scientist, Doug Balentine, about the nutritional value and benefits of spreads versus butter. Simply put, spreads can do what butter can do. You can use them as spreads, in recipes, and more!

The somewhat nasty and amazing part is how much calories and trans-fat you save yourself from. I was just watching reruns of Honey Boo Boo the other night. OMG, their "Sketti" sauce made with ladle-fulls of "butter" (but it was really Unilever's Country Crock) and ketchup. It could probably kill someone if it was actually butter. I think they had at least 5-6 tbsp there per person and that's me trying to be nice about it.
The facts, spreads vs butter
With Unilever's spreads, there are 0mg of cholesterol, less saturated fats, 0 trans fats, and less calories than butter. If you were to use 3 tbsp of spread instead of butter each year, it'd all taste the same but you would be saving yourself over 35 000 calories a year. Now, in Honey Boo Boo's family, that is of epic proportions considering how much they use to make their "sketti" and corn. With increasing childhood obesity, I find it nice that Unilever has such initiatives.

The funny thing is, they actually review Ted Allen's recipes and send them back to him to make sure they fit in with the healthier initiative guidelines the company has. Alright, let's get back to the food! The folks at Unilever invited me back to cook with Ted Allen. Unilever's chef Normajean Longfield was also present to tell us about Unilever's movement for healthier foods.

I was flattered that Ted Allen (host of Food Network's Chopped) remembered me from our last meeting at The View. After all, it was so brief! It was quite nice and much more cozy this time as I watched and learned up close and chatted with Ted. The heavenly part was getting to sit and sample some of these dishes made using spreads instead of butter. I felt as though I was getting served a 4-course meal.
Cooking With Ted Allen, #CookWithSpreads
Each dish was amazingly good and surprisingly low in caloric content. The Dutch Baby pancakes? 230 calories per serving. I downed that. Forget talking, it was delicious and topped with my favorite berries. Stuffed Chicken with Goat Cheese -heavenly! I'm not a fan of chicken breast but it was quite tender and moist. Garlicky Chicken Sandwich is just perfect for me. I could've taken some home if I could because we love love love the taste of garlic in my household. Last but not least was the coffee-infused chocolate cupcakes. A beautiful finale to a wonderfully planned surprise meal.

Ted Allen, Unilever, and Co., you can all invite me back any time for this kind of healthier, yummy meal!

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