Saturday, March 23, 2013

#BabyPom and JR's Spring Wardrobe and #Disney Pups! #fashion

JR & BabyPom: You know, we live in the Big Apple, the fashion capital of the world so we have to be in on the newest and latest fashions, right?

JR: Check out my new kicks for Easter? They're ducks, see them? They've even got grip on the bottom!
Dogs, duck booties, shoes
BabyPom: Shoes are too big for my tiny feet! This Pom is a fashion sensation though. Lyrics are the newest and hippest thing and now PetSmart has Lyric Couture by Grreat Choice. How fantastic is that? I think the two we got suit me pretty well. What do you think?
BabyPom in Lyric Couture
JR: My Spring Wardrobe beautiful brindle coat. ;) Or not...Mommy loves Disney so you know we do too! So Mom had these adorable Disney tees for BabyPom that ended up being too big for him so I modelled them. I nipped at her though. She should know full well my "love" of clothes makes me Grumpy, pun intended!
JR models PetSmart's Disney line
BabyPom: We all know I'm the Fashionista so lucky for me, I got a cute Disney tee that says, "I'm with Goofy." Need I explain more? (Psst...see the brindle in the pic?)
BabyPom models PetSmart's Disney line
JR: Mom's lucky PetSmart sent me these adorable Disney toys too or she would've been in trouble! Meet my new friends: Mickey, Goofy, and Tigger!

JR & BabyPom: Hope you enjoyed our Spring Fashion Show for Pets. You could say we're the hippest Disney dogs in the hood! Come back soon for more of our reviews.

Paws out,
JR and Baby Pom
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