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Jada Pinkett Smith & #Madagascar3: Europe's Most Wanted #Review #CapriSunSuperV #JadaPSmith

Madagascar 3 Screening
The other day, I had a blast in the city thanks to the #Mamarazzi event held by The Moms, #CapriSunSuperV, and Paramount! A bunch of bloggers were able to watch the screening of Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted in Times Square. This was almost magical. Greeted warmly by the rainbow afro-wearing greeter and a pouch of Capri Sun's new Super V juice that contains 1 combined serving of fruits and vegetables, I walked into this event feeling like I had arrived at a magical place! Once I got inside, the decor took me to heart of tropical Madagascar with the colorful displays and decorations. Oh, and did I mention New York Cake Pops? You know, I see cake pops in Starbucks all the time but I never get them. They really were a nice treat. There were even light appetizers from Dogmatic restaurants.
Madagascar 3 ScreeningNew York Cake PopsAfroCapri Sun Super V
Capri Sun’s Super V juices were available in three flavors (Fruit Punch, Berry, and Apple) and consists 75% fruit juice and 25% vegetable juice. The nice thing about this juice is that it contains 25% less sugars than other juices and well, it tasted refreshing and quite nice. I don't think the kids would even know they're taking in 1 combined serving of fruits and vegetables. In fact, the SO and I like it so much that we've been drinking it too! It makes for a great summer drink on these hot days we've been having lately! Each packet is 70 calories and contains 10% of daily fiber intake recommendations. They are available as 6oz packets, 10 to a box (MSRP 3.48).

Afro Circus
The Afros!!
Then we proceeded to watch Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted in 3D. What greeted us on each seat was an awesome rainbow Afro!! Woohoo, just like Marty's! This movie is hilarious, I don't think there was a moment inside the screening room, when there wasn't someone laughing. To be honest, even I was cracking up quite a bit and I think I had this massive grin plastered on my face the whole time. I love those Penguins, they are just so ingenious! The movie is not just for kids, people across all generations can appreciate and have fun with it. I'm definitely going to be rewatching this with the SO. It's a non-stop adventure all around and I guarantee you'll be singing "Afro Circus" for days to come. I had it stuck in my head and was singing it all throughout the weekend: "DaDaDaDaDaDa DaDa Circus DaDaDaDaDaDa DaDa Afro Circus Afro Circus Afro Polkadot Polkadot Polkadot Afro!" Don't miss out on the sea of afros from those at the screening. I took a picture from the back of some of the afros. I need to get my hands on a picture from the front!
Jada Pinkett Smith
When the movie ended, this tiny woman, in a gorgeous modified Valentino jumpsuit and Jimmy Choos walked in. Guess who? It was Jada Pinkett Smith, the voice of Gloria the hippo. She sat and answered questions regarding motherhood, which doesn't pertain to me yet but I have to say, her words resonated with me as I found I agreed with many of her ideas of parenting. She could be a motivational speaker by the way she was speaking. Amazing! I developed a new found admiration for her as she described how she taught her children to appreciate value of money. In her words, "I make sure my kids understand that you can't get something for nothing." She further touted that mothers sometimes need to take their own personal time to refresh themselves so that they may go back to their families wholeheartedly. Time flew by and I was very lucky that she and her bodyguard were nice enough to let me get a picture with her. :) But I'm not going to post that here because she's so tiny that she makes my small frame look big! She even indulged my question... What'd I ask? Well, the SO and I were curious what went through her mind when Jaden asked President Obama about the aliens. She laughed before responding that she knew it was going to happen all along. LOL, call it a mother's intuition, right?

Overall, I had a fabulous time. Despite not being a mommy blogger, I thoroughly enjoyed this experience and even met a few friends while at it! Makes me look forward to BlogHer12 even more...I can't wait to meet up with them again. Thank you so much Dana from The Dragyn's Lair and April from the soon-to-be 3 amazing toy blogs for providing the tickets and inviting us and of course the hosts, the MOMs, Capri Sun, and #Paramount for having such a sweet event.

Disclaimer: I attending a screening event for Madagascar 3 and was provided with a Swag bag. No other form of compensation was received. Opinions expressed belong to Whirlwind of Surprises and are NOT influenced in any way. Please view my full disclosure, TOS, and privacy policy. Please take the time to enter my other giveaways while you're here.

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Aeryn Lynne said...[Reply]

That sounds like a blast! :) Blogger events are so great, especially when you can meet up with the people you hang out with online. Will be going to BlogHer12, can't wait!!

Also looking forward to watching Madagascar 3 on the big screen; those movies are FAB when you need to just let go and laugh! :)

Suburban Style Challenge said...[Reply]

Sounds like it was a really fun event! And how cool to meet and get to talk to Jada Pinkett Smith!

When I was a kid we used to freeze Capri Suns for our lunchbags... and by the time it was lunchtime, they'd be thawed but lunch would still be cold. But I recall also getting to sometimes cut the top of the pouch off and eat a frozen Capri Sun with a spoon, which sounds like it'd be a good summertime treat for the new ones!

Unknown said...[Reply]

What a great event! It sounds like you had a fabulous time. I would want a picture with Jada too

Tiffany C. said...[Reply]

I really want to see this movie with my daughter. I know she'll love it. She really likes all the other Madagascar movies. Thanks for sharing.

Sippy Cup Mom said...[Reply]

Wow! This sounds like such a fun experience! I can't wait to see the movie!

Lena B said...[Reply]

WOW - such a cool things to do. I so hope to make it to the theater soon - it looks like a pretty cool movie

Rebekah said...[Reply]

I think the other Madagascar movies are so fun; I look forward to seeing #3! It sounds like you had a wonderful time!

LOVE MELISSA:) said...[Reply]

Sounds like such a blast!! How cool!! I want to see this movie!

Kristin said...[Reply]

Yowza!! This looks like ab insanely good time!! Good for you! (I'm a little jealous LOL) I've never been to blogger evenys like these butit sounds like it was fabulous!!

LOVE the rainbow afros!

Jeannette said...[Reply]

Sounds like so much fun! My son wants to see this movie so badly and it's on our summer to do list. Thanks for sharing all the fabulous details!

Caryn B. said...[Reply]

My kids really want to see this! : ) How fun!

Krista said...[Reply]

It was a really great event! I'm bummed out that I didn't get to see you- but I can't wait for BlogHer!!! Hopefully we get to do more events like these in the near future:)

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