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Call all furry creatures...We're at #BlogPaws! #BlogPawsQuotes

We're at #BlogPaws #BlogPawsQuotes
Holy dog! This really has been a whirlwind of a couple of days at #BlogPaws. I'll be the first to admit that showing up at my very first conference ever yesterday...I was petrified. I know I can be awkward, I'm more of a shy person until you get to know me...LOL, then I'm crazy. However, let this be a lesson to my fellow newbies at BlogPaws. It gets easier, I promise. Sure, the first person you talk to may look at you like you're from Mars. And I'm pretty sure I did that with PetSmart. Ha! It definitely got better with time though and you know what? Pet people are so friendly. I feel so much more comfortable talking to everyone else now. Let's not forget all the cute, furry ones...there were people with dogs, cats, ferrets, rabbits, and capybaras (Such a cool name, look them up!). I know, I'm a little bit biased towards dogs but I love all animals.
flat pets
I have learnt so much so far and I thank BlogPaws for inviting me as the Attendee Repawter.  I have been so lucky to be able to connect with so many of you. It really is something else to connect faces to the people (I'm going to list them all in my next post!) you interact with and chat with all the time. What a great experience so far. Have you attended any sessions yet? I wanted to go to two or three in every single block. It was ridiculously hard to choose. What I loved about these sessions is that they're not just for pet bloggers. For example, Kenn Bell's video session was awesome! Anyone could use his video tips. Or how about Monetization 101, SEO lessons, Wordpress 101, and so many more sessions that are applicable to ALL bloggers. The bonus thing to BlogPaws is that there are adorable masses of furry creatures that I can attack and shower love on and no one will accuse you of being a creep because you love animals so much. LOL, my SO was once horrified because he thought I went up to a random stranger just to pet and play with their dog. I actually knew the person. Teehee!
Healthy PetsNorman the Scooter Dog and #BabyPomBabyPom & Tillman#BabyPom with Jasmine & PaigeManny Ferret
Now, have YOU been following my tweets? Tweet along with me at #BlogPawsQuotes. Tell me your thoughts on the sessions you attended since I can't be in 5 sessions at once. I made a wish that I could split myself into 5 mini-me's so I could learn as much as I could. LOL, it'd be cool but it's not going to happen so help BabyPom and I out! Want to see what I've already shared? I have and will continue to share on facebook through both Blogpaws and my pagetwitter with the #BlogPawsQuotes hashtag, and on Pinterest in my board and Blogpaws.

There is so much more I could write but I learnt today that I shouldn't write too long of a post. I'm already falling asleep...are you? I will say though, the social networking with brands and fellow bloggers is great. They're rather nice to chat with and fun to drink with too! Ya, that's you, my #Greenies and #PetArmor people. It's a tad intimidating at first but keep in mind, you can do it! If I can overcome my fears, you can too!

My one sad thing...I keep getting caught up in all the things going on that I'm getting to meals late. LOL, so I missed the cheesecake that I had been looking forward to for weeks today!!!! Tell me there's more...

P.S. I'd post more pics but it's already past 1AM and it took me an hour to upload these! LOL...So I guess you're gonna have to come back and visit me again. :) And if you haven't seen the pic I took of your baby up yet, this is the reason. I will get them up after #BlogPaws if not earlier onto my Pinterest board.

Disclaimer: BlogPaws provided me with my flight, hotel, and conference pass to attend the event. All opinions are my own and not influenced in any way. Please view my full disclosure, TOS, and privacy policy. Please take the time to enter my other giveaways while you're here.

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Actingbalanced said...[Reply]

So glad you're enjoying the conference! I went to my first one last month and I think I could get addicted to blogger conferences!

Mariah @ said...[Reply]

This looks like an amazing conference! I love animals! I wish I'd know about this one!

Emily Reviews said...[Reply]

Looks like such a fun event, I'd love to meet everyones puppies :)

nyctalon said...[Reply]

Aww! I love dogs! (and most four footed furry pets) I wish I had one to bring to a conference like this! Can't wait to hear more :)

Jessica @ YouDidWhatWithYourWeiner said...[Reply]

We went for the first time this year and had a blast. It was a bit overwhelming at first though. I already booked a room for BarkWorld in October. Happy Wordless Wednesday.

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