Thursday, April 18, 2013

Cuddly brown bears coming to a theater near you! #DisneyNatureBears

Disneynature Bears
You all know I'm an animal lover! So, it's not really a surprise to anyone that I'd be intrigued with Disneynature's newest venture in Bears. I have quite a fondness for brown bears and BabyPom often looks like a baby bear! So, I'm really looking forward to this new film from Disneynature.

What warms my heart is the beautiful and stunning pictures and the continual aid viewers provide just by watching Disneynature films.

Disneynature’s Bears - Featurette
Disneynature’s BEARS will be in theaters on April 18, 2014! Count me in!

Have you also heard of Disneynature's Wings of Life? Check out these cool crafts from Spoonful inspired by the film, out on DVD already.

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Photocredit: Disney
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