Monday, April 1, 2013

An easy way to #save energy & money in your home!

Electricity always seems to be a big bill regardless of season. During the summer though, it's particularly high when we crank on the a/c. How do you save energy? We love using energy saving lightbulbs where we can.

How often are your family members turning off the lights? I know our parents used to tell us as kids but all grown up now, I find myself constantly asking, "Who left the lights on? Do you still need them?" More often than not, the answer is no.

So why are we wasting power and guess what, it comes out of our pockets! You'd think we'd know better. So I found myself lured into the Lutron and Home Depot DIH (Do It Herself) workshops. Most women may be hesitant picking up a screwdriver or powertool, but not me. I grew up working on projects with my dad. I love the independence of relying on myself to get minor fixes done. Check out this sexy light dimmer by Lutron. The Lutron Experience Center was pretty neat because you could directly see the dimmer's effect on the electricity used.
Lutron dimmers
Anyways, the purpose of this workshop was to check out Lutron's newest innovation -the energy saving sensor and dimmer all-in-one. And it works with energy-saving bulbs. This is something new altogether.

At $54 per switch, it saves you approximately $10/year/switch so yes, you'd have to have it installed for 5.5 years for a return of value. It's a good investment though and you can uninstall it to take with you should you move.
Saving on the electricity bills
In terms of installation, it's simple enough. The steps are clearly depicted and easy to follow. They demonstrated this during the DIH workshop at Home Depot. It's just connecting wires to wires really.

Need help? Lutron customer service is available 24/7, minus Christmas to help and they'll stay on the phone with you during the install. If you're in the store and don't know which of their switches works with your lights, call them and they'll make proper recommendations specific for you. Now that's exceptional customer service.

I can't wait to try and install these customized switches after I move. You can even set certain time frames for when to turn off. There's also a specific mode for the bedroom so that you don't have the sensor turning on every time you shift at night.

It is an investment but if you're planning on staying where you're living for awhile. It'll be worth it. Imagine not having to waste your breath and energy on getting everyone to turn off the lights...sounds nice, doesn't it?

Buy It: Shop online or in stores for Lutron energy saving switches.

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