Thursday, April 18, 2013

My favorite #history film of 2012...#Dreamworks #Lincoln

I now have a movie that depicts fascinating history in my own hands. Yes, it was interesting. Seemingly perfect was the trailer for War Horse as the preview to the movie. I bawled in War Horse, another moving film based off a true story. I actually bawled so much, people on the plane started staring at me wondering what was wrong. I bawled again when I watched it with the hubby. That just goes to say how much Steven Spielberg can move the soul.

So would you expect any less of Lincoln? It is the story of how history changed, how slavery was abolished. There is no doubt that there are strong emotions of all sorts.
This inspiring and revealing drama focuses on the 16th President's tumultuous final four months in office as this visionary leader pursues a course of action to end the civil War, unite the country, and abolish slavery.
Watching it on DVD was no different than the first time I watched it back when I was on the #DisneyMoviesEvent press trip, my eyes were glued tight. It didn't matter how exhausted I was, I couldn't stop myself from watching it until the end.

Bonus features include insider scenes to the character of Lincoln, the costumes and makeup, the history of Lincoln, and more.

Based 100% on true history as per my Disney sources, this awe-inspiring filmed has critics raving. The sketchiness and underhandedness of politics has one man unswayed from his goals to make the world a better place. The determination and focus of one man in history is a lesson to be learnt.

Overall, Lincoln is a great educational and enrapturing film that captures the mind, body, and soul. So much that I've already been requested to kindly bring it back home next time so that my family may also feast their eyes on it.

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