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The convenience of the #DRApp #cbias #SocialFabric

convenience of #DRApp
I love my photos and I certainly love my Duane Reade, being that they're so convenient. So when the new #DRApp came out, I was one of the first to hop on and give it a whirl.

The app was easy enough to download and very user friendly. It offered ways to check your transactions, Balance Rewards points, and card information electronically. So, no more searching for that card when you go shopping. I absolutely love that feature since it makes things so much easier. I'm always the one searching through my bags for my card before giving up and asking them to put in my phone number instead. Now I can just pull it up on the app.
Duane Reade App
I don't have any prescriptions to fill but I love that function on there that allows you to refill prescriptions for yourself or a family member. You can either refill RX by scan or refill from account, which simplifies things for many people. The refill prescription by scan is pretty neat, scan it like you would a barcode or QR code.

Rarely do I need the Duane Reade Store Locator but when I'm in the city or an unfamiliar area, it is awesome. When you're in the store, you can actually scan the items to find out the price should it not be labelled. I tested that out but it wouldn't work for me when I was in the store. Once I got home, it actually worked. So there may have been poor data reception in the area I was in.
edit and print pictures directly from your phone
I have a love/hate relationship with the photo part of the app. I love the convenience it offers, the editing I can do to the photos and the work that can be done all while I was sitting in the car. Filters are available in limited quantities, more would be nice. The basic edits are there. You can print pictures from phone, print pictures from facebook, or print pictures from instagram. I could even set it to print at a location in the city because that's where I was headed. The hubby and I were heading into the city to meet up with more family and I thought, "let's save time and pick up the pictures on the way." I definitely appreciated being able to coordinate my photo drop-off and pick up to my schedule and travel plans.
Duane Reade
However, I was in a rush so I didn't check my pictures at the store once I paid for them. I had beautiful pictures edited to exactly how I wanted them but then they printed out with parts of the original cut off. I had planned on surprising the family with a few memorable pictures from their trip. When printed, the "memorable" parts were either missing or partially cut off.
One of my most important pictures was actually given to me scuffed up and with scratches. I was a little disappointed since I put a lot of trust in my local Duane Reade stores. They've always delivered so I was a bit shocked that they would even provide me such poor quality pictures.
damaged pictures
Then I realized part of the problem. When you take a picture on the iPhone, it's not a 4x6. The ideal way to edit and print your pictures from the app is to first, crop it to 4x6 before even making any edits to it. The app currently only has a horizontal 4x6 crop function so you will have to rotate your image to crop it vertically. That way, what you want to stay in the picture stays in the printed picture. And, you won't have wasted money on nothing.
Luckily though, a few of my pictures did turn out. 4 out of 10 still came out beautifully and it was probably because I followed my own tips. Overall, the Duane Reade App (Download) is useful and great for saving time, especially when you're on the go. It's also good for in store to check prices when your data plan is working. I see myself using it again, even after I move because you can print to any Duane Reade or Walgreens stores.

I need to reprint a few of these pictures since they edited so nicely in the app. Maybe I'll just print them at a different Duane Reade this time. What's your favorite part of this app? Have you printed pictures directly from your phone before?

Check out my Google+ album for more pictures of the new Duane Reade App.

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