Monday, April 29, 2013

Sweet new #trailers for #LoneRanger, #IronMan3, and #Thor

I'm getting pretty psyched for a few movies this year. Can you blame me? What are you looking forward to watching most this year? Here are a few of my most anticipated action/adventure, hero films that of course, come out after Iron Man 3 in May. There's nothing like awesome trailers to pass time.

I've been watching Iron Man all week in my hotel room in between everything else. It's everywhere and definitely getting me psyched for that opening day!
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Riding into justice, we have The Lone Ranger on July 3rd! Check out this new trailer for The Lone Ranger.
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Then, oh my, we have Marvel's Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013. That godly and awkward fellow who has a strong sense of justice. My hubby and I once teasingly asked a friend what her dream guy was and she says with a very serious and straight face, "Thor." LOL! I'm sure she's very much looking forward to this new film. I should tease her with this new teaser poster for Thor: The Dark World.
#Thor: The Dark World
Now, are you ready for the trailer?
What did you think? I can't choose a favorite! I want to watch them all!

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