Monday, April 8, 2013

Reaching within to find my artistic side with #ArtSee Studio

I learnt something new a couple weeks ago. I have the coloring skills of a two-year-old. I had a hell of a time while learning it though and I'm sure others will too, especially the little ones. I'm talking about Artsee Studio, WowWee's newest toy that pairs with your iPad.

Let's rewind a bit. Artsee is a free app for ages 3+ that you can download to draw, play games, and color on your iPad regularly. To get the full fun and interactive experience though, there's the Artsee Studio, which you clip the iPad in. It kind of serves as your drawing desk, with custom stamps and all.
ArtSee Studio review
On the back off the Artsee studio ($39.99) is a compartment with the instructions and stencils, a stand, and the clips that function to slide the studio apart so you can fit the iPad in. Neatly on the front is a pull switch that covers the home button and prevents accidental exiting of the app during play.
Games and features of the Artsee studio
The stamps and stylus are also securely tucked in, making the studio easily portable. The basic app allows you to use over 72 stamps and stamp variations, 15 rollers, and 3 different built-in theme packs. It also comes with 5 unique games. The spotting the difference game actually comes in varying difficulties.

An arrow stamp allows you to animate and move the stamped characters and there's even a music note for creating sounds. The cool part is that adults or older children who know how to enter the secure menu, via two fingers on the screen, can save, print, share, or even email the art or coloring pages created.
Coloring pages and games from Artsee
You can even create a photo drawing. Take a picture and then draw around it. I experimented a bit with the drawing and had quite a bit of fun. There's different types of tools you can use including paint brushes, spray paint, fine tips, and more. What impressed me was that for the paint brush mode, when you draw with your stylus...the color starts fading the longer you draw with a continued stroke, just like an actual paint brush.

In terms of ease of use, it's alright. Sometimes, my iPad seemed to sense the wrong thing and I'd accidentally erase a part of my masterpiece instead of applying the stamp that I wanted. Other than that, it's pretty user friendly. You tap on the upper left corner to switch items. It's fairly easy to draw and stamp but it does take a little time to get used to. Overall, a fun addition that's guaranteed to keep folks occupied for hours on end. It's like an art easel that you can edit and modify! No worries about mistakes here.

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