Friday, April 12, 2013

#Regulat'ing my immune system? #health

I'm on a health spree lately. Have you figured it out? However, I have a question for you. How far would you go for health? Do you believe what companies tell you or do you do a bit of side research to find credibility in their study.
Regulat review
For me, as long as its not a harmful substance and there is scientific research behind it, I will give it a go. Although, I seriously regretted that the first time Regulat arrived at my door.

The case had arrived with a few bottles broken and it was clear as day before I even pulled it out of the box. The putrid smell that greeted me smelt like sour, rotten food. Well, Regulat is fermented fruits, nuts, and vegetables so it's kind of a given. Luckily, the company sent me a new case, intact.

You may wonder why I was interested in trying such a concoction. Regulat boasted cleansing properties after 6 weeks usage, improved energy with 3 months use, and overall, improved general health.

So I took the plunge. Although with my supply of about 2 weeks, I'm not sure if I can tell a difference since their minimum recommendations is for 6 weeks of use. However, I've been told that even after a month, I'd feel increased energy levels.

They recommend mixing 10ml/1tbsp with half cup of water on the box. On their site, they also recommend mixing with juice or taking it alone.

From my experience, diluting it out just prolongs the pain. Just down it in one gulp and move on. After several days, I acquired a learned reflex of holding my breath and swallowing the Regulat at the same time.

You kind of get used to the smell and taste, almost as if immune to it. With regards to health benefits, it's hard to tell whether my body truly has been cleansed of toxins in such a short period. However, the antioxidants should help some, right?

If you'd like to try it but are scared to because of the taste, don't worry, it gets easier. I barely notice the taste now. Now, I just look forward to the health benefits!

What's your experience with fermented fruits and vegetables?

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