Tuesday, April 16, 2013

All in a day's work: #AllergyFace Makeover and then McWrapping it with Novak #UnwrapNYC

I've been super busy lately but just the other week, I got to unwind a little. Ah, the joys of being pampered. It's been almost a year since BlogHer, the last time I got my make-up done by specialists. It wasn't the only reason I was there though. I was out to grab you Spring Beauty Tips!

With the flowers returning, pollen is in the air and that's pretty and all. What's not pretty are our allergy-puffed faces, the unnatural redness, the difficulties breathing, and so on. Did you know 50% of women cancel their dates and appointments with others due to their "allergy face"? More depressingly, 58% of women have been told they look like "they're coming down with something" during these times, as if we really needed the reminder.
Fighting allergy face with beauty tips
The obvious thing to do is to take an anti-histamine like Zyrtec. There are also simple make-up tips as shared to have you looking and feeling your best during allergy season.

1) Sleep with your head raised on a pillow.
2) Go easy on eye makeup. Shape and pencil brows to lift your face and distract from watery eyes.
3) If you have a red nose, add illuminating powder to the top of your cheekbones.
4) Keep your makeup bag current. I've suffered from these beauty bag blunders too as old makeup doesn't help our cause. Use the one-two-three rule. Keep blush no longer than 1 year, mascara no longer than 2 months, and check your lipstick very 3 months for discoloration.
5) Keep it simple. Dampen your makeup brush before applying products to provide a more dramatic look that distracts from allergies.
6) Use gentle cleansers that don't irritate your skin more than your allergies already have.
7) Use a cotton swab to dab a shimmery pearl shadow on between the bridge of your nose and eyes to help brighten your face.

Once I had my allergy face disguised, I had a lunch date with Novak! Not the tennis Novak who I've watched play and would love a pic with but Steve Novak, a giant of a basketball star. Who's a New York Knicks fan?

Off to McDonalds I went to check out the unveiling of their new Premium McWraps that range from 300 to 600 calories depending on the flavor and your choice of crispy or grilled chicken. The three yummy flavors include Ranch, Bacon and Sweet Chili. I only had the opportunity to try the Sweet Chili McWrap but I apparently picked a good one because that was Steve's favorite.
Steve Novak
I didn't get anything signed but I did get his take on the new McDonalds premium wraps! First things first, he likes the wraps because they're healthy and filling. He kept repeating the "chicken and the veggies". LOL! It is important though for him to have nutritious and filling meals because as a professional athlete, they burn so many calories in a day. One of my buddies used to work out 3 times a day and he ate a 10K calorie diet. Crazy, right? A normal average diet is about 2 000 calories a day. Steve was happy with the new Premium McWraps and said now he didn't have to order so many of the snack wraps during his drive thru visits.
Steve Novak on the McDonald's Premium McWraps
His favorite as you may have already deduced above is the Sweet Chili Premium McWrap. Let me tell you, this was a mouthful of deliciousness! I had the crispy chicken so there was crunch, there was flavor, and amazingly, not too much sauce. The flavoring of the chicken and veggies really shone through.

Check out the Novak-approved new Premium McWraps at a McDonalds near you!
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