Saturday, April 6, 2013

Relishing in a little orange fun from #SweetRelish #spon

Have you seen the good we're doing lately with Sweet Relish? We're helping to raise money for the ASPCA and awareness for Lady's very adoptable status. All you have to do to help is to sign up under the link on our Sweet Relish and Lady post and $1 will be donated, not even out of your own pocket! Time is running out to help out! If you do sign up, please use Chrome or Firefox. I've been told Internet Explorer and Sweet Relish have their differences. All you need to do to help the ASPCA is to sign up to Sweet Relish and $1 will automatically be donated!

Lady will also be receiving a Relish box just like the one JR and BabyPom received. Wrapped in orange tissue paper, this is what we unearthed in this little treasure box!
A Thundershirt ($39.95) which is well known in the pet world for calming anxiety in pets. Yes, I know how much JR hates wearing clothes but she's the one who gets all nervous in public. It's gotten better but I decided on a Thundershirt for her anyways. It basically works by wrapping around a dog snugly. The snugness kind of functions as if they were being held, thus giving them comfort and reassurance. They're different sizes available and I found the Small pretty true to size.

The velcro closure was easy to figure out and it was a soft stretchy material. The last time I put a top on JR, she nipped at me so I wasn't sure how she'd take it this time. They recommend putting a treat on it first so that the dogs see it associated with food and therefore don't think it's hostile. It's not hostile anyways but apparently my JR loves running around naked, quite the opposite of BabyPom.

She took this one easier and actually went to sleep in it rather quickly. When she woke up though, she started the mad dash of trying to rub it off. In my thoughts, it's an in between for her. The Thundershirt likely does help her anxiety a little but at the same time, her hatred of clothing subdues the effects a bit. In the end, a moderate improvement.

Also in the box were the Ruff Bowl, Wacky Walk'r, and Eco-Me Dog Shampoo. The Ruff Bowl seems to come in several sizes but I was sent the large so it was difficult to test out over my small retractable leash. The idea is a good one. You carry the bowl over your retractable leash so when you stop for a sip of water, you have a bowl ready for the pups too. I think it'd be improved on if the material was softer and stretchier so that one design could accommodate more retractible leash sizes. It also had a poop bag holder slot, which I don't think is such a great idea. Sure, the bag is closed but poop and water bowl in close, thank you.

The Wacky Walk'r leash I was sent is supposed to help your back and discourage pulling. Another great idea which essentially incorporates a resistance band so that the pup can't pull too far. However, I was sent a 6-12lb one to test out and the pups are either below or above that range so unfortunately, I wasn't able to test this out either.

I was able to test out the Eco-Me Dog Shampoo in Lavender though! Woot! It was quite nice. I enjoyed that it was made of natural ingredients so there's nothing harmful in there for my furbabies.

Overall, Sweet Relish boxes can be quite a bit of fun when you create your own list so that others know what size and style you want. Another fun site to check out when you want to create lists of things you need and things you want!

Have you signed up to Sweet Relish yet?
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