Thursday, July 12, 2012

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coupon cabin
We've all heard of Coupon Cabin, but have you heard of Coupon Cabin's app? I only recently learnt about it and being neck deep in loans, I could use all the savings I can get! So, the Coupon Cabin App touts itself as the "single coupon app that does it all". It supposed to replace 6 different coupon apps, although it doesn't say which 6. I'll be honest, I've never used a coupon app before so this will be my first experience and I have nothing to compare it to.  The best part about it is that it is a FREE app that features gas prices, deals, coupon codes, grocery coupons, freebies, printables and more. It also has a nice pay it forward feature: Coupons for the Troops where you send in current or expired coupons for military families on bases all over the world to use. I find that kind of neat because they're able to even put expired coupons to use.
Coupon Cabin App Review
In terms of functionality, the app is quite easy to use and you just pull and drag to see the different coupons or deals available. You can also search with the app pulling up results in real time that match to what you're typing. So, say you're looking for Applebees and you start typing in App...a list of stores with the first 3 letters as App shows up. What's more is that when you click that store name, it says how many coupons or printables or whatever they have is available. The Freebies tab was also quite fun to play around with, you click on what you're interested in and it'll take you to the link where all the information is, all within the app.
There's also a local deals section where it is able to find deals near your location. However, it seems that Coupon Cabin hasn't quite uploaded deals from all of North America as I am currently traveling and was unable to pull up any deals or gas prices in my location. That would be the weak point of the app. It would have more functionality if it worked all over North America. It also has a wide multitude of stores covered but I think there could be more. Overall, it's a decent app and user-friendly. However, it could still improve with more stores and more locations serviced. Try it out, let me know what you think. It is currently available for the iPhone and Android.

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Wendi said...[Reply]

I love the feature for giving your coupons to the Troops!! I'm going to have to go check that app out. :) Thanks for sharing

Debi@The Spring Mount 6 Pack said...[Reply]

This is one to look into. I am such an app junnkie and this one just makes sense.

East9thStreet said...[Reply]

I need to use coupons more. I bet this app would get to finally do it!

Ericka said...[Reply]

Installing. I have a feeling this app will get tons of use! Thank you!

isis said...[Reply]

Looks like I could really use this! Will download it!

Isra said...[Reply]

Sounds like a great app, Im always on the hunt for a new savings app.

Ellen said...[Reply]

Sounds neat. I've never tried a coupon app before.

Unknown said...[Reply]

What a great app Cinny!!

Kecia | From Mom's Desk said...[Reply]

I need to check this out. I don't have any coupon apps on my iPhone right now, and I am sure I'm missing out on some savings because of that!

Unknown said...[Reply]

I hadn't heard fo this app but I will need to download it to my ipad and give it a shot

Eliza Rae said...[Reply]

I need to use more coupons. I am definitely downloading this app. Thanks for the post!

Danielle S said...[Reply]

I love using coupons, and if this will help me save more? I want it.

Danielle @ Royalegacy

DeDa Studios said...[Reply]

Great to have a app on my phone! Thanks!

Ninja Wifey said...[Reply]

I tried the app minimally, seems ok but could use more coupons.

Nicole GF said...[Reply]

great app.... i use the website quite often!

Celebrate Woman said...[Reply]

I wonder if I could get deals and coupons of truly eco friendly products. But I love apps that I can take with me on my phone!

Unknown said...[Reply]

Wow, what a great review! I am going to have to look into getting this app.

Felissa Hadas said...[Reply]

Sounds like a great app but I have a Blackberry so not going to be able to try it out for myself.

Heavenly Savings said...[Reply]

This app looks great! As soon as my phone is charged I will look into this! Thanks so much for the great info!

Tiffany Revels-Cruz said...[Reply]

I seriously need to get this app on my phone, like now!

Unknown said...[Reply]

i love a multifunctional app

Turning the Clock Back said...[Reply]

I didnt know they had an app. I will check it out!

Michelle said...[Reply]

I love CouponCabin so know that their app must be great!

Grace Hodgin said...[Reply]

This is the second time I've heard about this app and your review was a lot more informative to give me the idea of the beauty of this. I'll tell my daughter about this one.

Kari said...[Reply]

This sounds like a great idea! I'm really terrible at keeping and using coupons, so I love that you can search for them! I'll be looking to see their future features, too!

LOVE MELISSA:) said...[Reply]

That is a really awesome app! Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...[Reply]

This seems like it's pretty easy to use so I'll check it out! Thanks for sharing with us!

Opal Stevens said...[Reply]

sounds like a great app! i will have to check it out :)

TheSuburbanMom said...[Reply]

I really like the coupons for the troops part, I want to learn more about that.

Tesa @ 2 Wired 2 Tired said...[Reply]

Now that's a great app! I always need coupons and forget mine at home.

beeacutie2 said...[Reply]

I will go check it out!

Lesley said...[Reply]

This looks like a great app! I'm going to download it now :)

Unknown said...[Reply]

I'm not a big couponer, but I'll have to give this a try.

Nikki said...[Reply]

I really wish I had an i-something! At this point, I'd take an iPod touch! Sounds like a great app!

Shelley Zurek -- Still Blonde after all these YEARS said...[Reply]

I am the last loser on earth without a smart phone.will it work on an ipad? Looks like it would be great

Madame Deals said...[Reply]

It looks easy to use. Thank you for the review

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