Monday, July 30, 2012

A friendly package from #SergeantsPet

When I got back this past week, I was pleasantly surprised that the new friendships I had formed at #BlogPaws had given me a surprise. The friendly folk over at Sergeant's Pet had sent me a care package with a Sentry calming collar, Sentry calming spray, Sentry Stop It Spray, a bottle of shampoo and an adorable new toy for the fur babies! Isn't that sweet of them?
Sentry Behavior modification
The Sentry products are meant for behavior modification and uses pheromones. There are things you need to know about pheromone products. They're meant to be used as an adjunct; you can't just expect them to work without you helping to modify that behavior. The effects are different depending on the dog. The lavender chamomile fragrance in these products are quite nice to me but may be a bit overpowering to some. The Sentry collar and calming spray are designed to help modify stress behavior like inappropriate barking, excessive barking and chewing. I had a chance to use the Calming Collar on Baby Pom during our flights recently and although it did help calm him at home; it didn't help as much during the flight even with the aid of the Calming Spray. (Unfortunately, I felt part of it was because we couldn't physically help calm him. Every attempt we made was countered with a threat of banning us forever from the airline. This included just simply putting our hand in to try to calm Baby Pom.) JR, though, felt the effects of the calming collar right away; the SO jokingly accused me of "knocking her out"...LOL! The fresh collar has a lot of powder on it and that's normal so I would suggest you open the package above a garbage can because it'll flake a LOT. These particles are just carriers for the pheromone and will not harm the dog. However, they recommend washing your hands after applying the collar.

The Sentry Stop That! Spray is meant to stop unwanted behavior like barking, aggression, and leash pulling. Before our walks, Baby Pom loves to bark his excitement, which is fine. Unfortunately, that gives me a massive headache. He also excessively barks at other dogs and people. JR is also guilty of barking anyone who comes anywhere near our door. Stop That! is pretty amazing. It sprays a short burst of air. The behavior stopped. It was just that simple and they learnt quick too. I'm eager to try this out further when we get a delivery this week. The spray seems to scare them a little but they do get over it quickly. At any rate, this is a quick and effective means at curbing unpleasant behavior. The only potential problem I see with this is if we were in close proximity with another dog while using the spray...the other dog owner would probably get upset at me for scaring their dog.

The Fur So Fresh Shampoo features a refreshing and light ocean breeze scent and special conditioners to leave your baby's coat shiny and gorgeous and it does just that, leaving the babies' fur so soft and lustrous.
JR's new toy
Last but not least is the Sergeant's Zoink! Crazy Beaks Glow Ball. This thing is awesome, it not only glows in the dark but also features motion-activated chirping. JR actually sniffed at it as if it were actual prey. So cute and since it glows in the dark, JR and Baby Pom can play with this even in the dark. Although, JR seems to have claimed it as of now. LOL!

Thanks for the goodies, Sergeant's Pet!

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East9thStreet said...[Reply]

I want the Stop It Spray! I love my lab Wrigley but she is embarrassing to walk with. She barks at anyone who looks at me. I know she thinks she's protecting me but it's annoying!

Emily said...[Reply]

What a lucky and happy pup!!

Unknown said...[Reply]

Now I'm intrigued, do they have anything for cats? We have a cat that constantly scratches our living room carpet. I'd love something to help me train him to stop scratching my carpet! What brilliant ideas.

Caryn B. said...[Reply]

That would be awesome if I had a pet! : )

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