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Corset Chick
What's your take on corset tops? Would you ever wear one out? Take a look at how I paired my corset tops. Then enter to win one of your choice from here at WOS and 20+ other blogs.

corset topThis was the top I reviewed. The winner of this giveaway gets their choice of a corset or corset dress up to a value of $30 from the store.

Buy ItShop online for your own corset. Free shipping with purchases $80+. My corset retails for $27.99.

Win It: 1 Whirlwind of Surprises' reader will win a corset of their choice up to a value of $30 for themselves. Enter on the Giveaway Tools form below between July 15 10:00PM EST to 30 11:59PM EST. You'll also have the chance to enter 20+ different giveaways for a corset of your choice in the following blogs below. We are NOT sharing the prizes. You can win one on every blog. Open to US/Canada, 18+. Good luck! Please take the time to enter my other giveaways while you're here.
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Rissa said...[Reply]

That corset is so cute, i like the way you paired it with the other top (is it a cardigan? I think it looks really tasteful and no one would question it if you wore it out. I have never worn a corset but I have seen many of my friends buying them and wearing them and i think they look great and really sexy.

Rissa said...[Reply]

I love the taffeta style corsets like yours, my favorite is the burgundy one, i also really love the baby pink burlesque with white stripes

MustangMary said...[Reply]

If I were to win the corset this is the one I would want. Lovely Burgundy Taffeta Style Corset

Anonymous said...[Reply]

Baby pink sweetheart one ... Denise dixon

Patti Mitchell said...[Reply]

There are so many great ones to choose from, but I'd choose the Zip-Up Faux Leather Corset, if I were lucky enough to win. Great contest! Thanks.

Jessica Schank Snow said...[Reply]

They're all gorgeous. I really like the Purple Burlesque Corset Dress.

Renee G said...[Reply]

I really do like the purple burlesque corset dress

Renee G said...[Reply]

I think you have excellant taste in pairing!

Brenda Penton said...[Reply]
This comment has been removed by the author.
Brenda Penton said...[Reply]

I like the White Satin Bridal Corset


tragedy6996 said...[Reply]

I would buy this...

Anonymous said...[Reply]

I would get the Ivory Sweetheart Shape Corset. There are some lovely ones, but this one would go well with several different costumes.

Ash said...[Reply]

I like the Black Burlesque with Pink Stripes Corset

Corinna said...[Reply]

I had a love affair with corsets and the Renaissance in middle school. I think I've since switched to the Regency period with its empire waist lines and Austen-esque appeal, although my wedding gown did have a corset top.

Meleakua said...[Reply]

i love the bright golden corset!!

Unknown said...[Reply]

I love the purple floral corset. So sexy!

jodi lasher said...[Reply]

I like the white bridal corset

Farrah Shumway said...[Reply]

Black with Blue Burlesque Corset

It is so very CUTE!!!

Rebekah said...[Reply]

I like the Burgandy Steel Boned Velvet Corset

Karrie said...[Reply]

it's REALLY cute! You are tiny and can definitely pull it off. I would wear it out to a club or to go dancing. I wouldn't wear it to meet the in-laws :)

Karrie said...[Reply]

I would choose: Black Burlesque Corset

Seyma Bennett Shabbir said...[Reply]

All the pairings look great! I was thinking corset was for under clothes but these are great!

Seyma Bennett Shabbir said...[Reply]

Black Burlesque corset!

mperkins37 said...[Reply]

The pairing are sexy! I like Corsets though so I am biased.... :) Would love to win one for the wife.....

Paol Trenny said...[Reply]

I like the Black Faux Leather Corset - - Paul T/Pauline T aka Paul Tran..... emscout9 at Hotmail dot com

jennifer dansberger jones said...[Reply]

i'm torn between the leather, the strapped or the corset dresses, I LOVE THEM ALL!!!!

mperkins37 said...[Reply]

Amber Trievel said...[Reply]

that would make a really cute going out top!

mperkins37 said...[Reply]

Gave you 2 k @ Klout & Found out that I finally broke 50 on Klout Muself!

AnarchyMomma said...[Reply]

Candy Brocade Corset

Tracey.A said...[Reply]

Baby Pink Burlesque Corset Top is the one I like!

RILEKAT said...[Reply]

I like the Black Gothic Lace Corset.

Dustykatt said...[Reply]

I like the Black Burlesque Corset with Red Satin Bows. So does the SO.

Natalie W said...[Reply]

I love the pairing. It makes the corset a little more casual.

Natalie W. said...[Reply]

Black steel boned would be my choice.

Brandi said...[Reply]

I like most of them but my three favorites are the Beautiful in Blue Corset, Black Burlesque with Pink Stripes Corset, and Purple Corset with Bow Accent.

Megan said...[Reply]

if i won i would pick the Black Burlesque with Apple Green Stripes Corset. its so pretty

Angel Jennifer said...[Reply]

i like the pink halter corset top

Maegan Morin said...[Reply]

Its a tough choice! There are some really nice ones! I think that I would choose this one:

Billie Dhooghe said...[Reply]

I am in love with the Green Fairy Dryad Corset!!

Anonymous said...[Reply]

I love the "Purple Corset with Bow Accent" The color is gorgeous and the ruffles would help to empower curves. :)

Elaine Bolduc said...[Reply]

i think the site is cute, appealing and easy to follow

Elaine Bolduc said...[Reply]

if i won i would choose the White Sweetheart Shape Corset

Azslyn said...[Reply]

If i won i would choose the Beautiful in Blue Corset it is so pretty =}

barkergirl33 said...[Reply]

OMG-so hard to pick-and the prices are amazing! I really like The Lovely Burgundy Taffeta Style Corset

jackie bolduc said...[Reply]

who's the winner?!

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