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Yes or No? Wearing #Corsets out... #fashion #review

Corset Chick
I love corsets, they just look so hot! I've never worn one out though. However, you see increasingly the trend that celebrities are wearing corsets out. It's a fashion statement. What do you think of that? Take a look at these celebrity pics. In fact, has a full page showing celebrities wearing corset tops out!
From Elaney Media
From style bistro
corset topInteresting, right? I know it's a tad controversial but still fashion is fashion. I chose to review the Lovely White Taffeta Style Corset in a size Small. Corset Chick has a huge selection. It took me a long time to decide. They even have plus size corsets and corset dresses. The corset I chose was $27.99 and includes the white corset and a matching g-string. It also features steel busks closure on the front, and laces in the back. The white satin gave for a smooth and sleek texture. They also had a variety of sizes available: S/M/L/XL/XXL/3-4XL or 5-6XL, however they fit small. Based on the size charts, I had ordered a size small. However, when it first arrived, I thought I might've ordered a size too small. Then I realized, I should've loosened the ties in the back first.
Corset top review
It really looked gorgeous, I loved it. The back ties were easy enough to tie on your own. There was a set of ties for the upper half of the corset and a set for the lower half. The only real trouble I had was with the steel busk closures. When I got some of them done up, the others would pop open. I spent a good 5 minutes before I got it all closed up. It was a feat but in the end I loved the look. The SO thought it looked great, but thinks it's too "inappropriate" to wear out. What do you think? Would you ever wear a corset top out? How do you like my pairing? Should I ever wear it out? Yes or no? Let me know in a comment below.

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LOVE MELISSA:) said...[Reply]

This is such great corset!! It looks fantastic! Thank you for sharing! I hope I win!

Tiffany Revels-Cruz said...[Reply]

Love your new corset, it's so pretty. I liked it so much I pinned the photo. Great review.

Heavenly Savings said...[Reply]

Very Pretty! I love the black and white!

Unknown said...[Reply]

definitely a fashion do if done right!

Amber Trievel said...[Reply]

That looks absolutely stunning on you! I would definitely wear that out!

Unknown said...[Reply]

It's great that it looks just like the picture displayed on their website. Sometimes I purchase something online and it looks totally different from the picture. Loving this!

East9thStreet said...[Reply]

Where it out with a jacket!

Felissa Hadas said...[Reply]

I think corsets are really cool I love the old style and look of them. Not sure I am the right person to wear one though.

Unknown said...[Reply]

I love that corset! very cute!

Lawanna said...[Reply]

I love the corset and the way it looks. You could wear it out. It is fashionable enough

Brr23 said...[Reply]

Very great review! I can't wait for the giveaway and if I don't win I may just have to buy one ;) lol

beeacutie2 said...[Reply]

wow that is one hot hot corset!

MustangMary said...[Reply]

I just love the look. Hope I can win one.

Anonymous said...[Reply]

Don't like the jacket but the corset is beautiful and you wear it well. ... Denise dixon

Zara H said...[Reply]

Love the corset and the look!

A. Smith said...[Reply]

Very chic and spicy look!

Jessica Schank Snow said...[Reply]

This is absolutely gorgeous!! =)

Unknown said...[Reply]

That corset is so cute!

johnsmom said...[Reply]

I love the pictures you have with ideas on how to wear a corset in public!!

Coupons and Friends said...[Reply]

I think you should wear it out, someone may just get a little jealous!

Brenda Penton said...[Reply]

I loved your pairing! You look great in it!


tragedy6996 said...[Reply]

I love wearing corsets out :P

Unknown said...[Reply]

How gorgeous! I really need to start wearing corsets.

Anonymous said...[Reply]

They all look really hot but not sure about the orange with the black.Maybe it's just me

Seyma Bennett Shabbir said...[Reply]

They all look great! I was thinking corset was for under clothes but these are great!

jennifer dansberger jones said...[Reply]

it's so cute, love it! some of the other pictures of corset don't even look like the traditional corset. though i do think they're cute.

Tracey.A said...[Reply]

I think the pairing is perfect! Very nice

RILEKAT said...[Reply]

I like the look of the corset with a little bolero jacket.

Dustykatt said...[Reply]

I really like the paring - and wearing it out depends on the type of event you are going to.

Bee W Bedard said...[Reply]

It really looks good together - you look great

Brandi said...[Reply]

I really like the way you paired it. I think that jacket makes it softer. I'd totally wear it out!

Megan said...[Reply]

such a pretty corset.

Robin W said...[Reply]

I would love to win one! I could be wearing it on my 25th anniversary.
Thanks for having the contest.

Anonymous said...[Reply]

I love the pop of color with the black and white corset! It looks great paired together :)

Jen said...[Reply]

That's a gorgeous corset and I think it'd be stunning "out" with a long flowing black skirt =)

Azslyn said...[Reply]

I love the corsets thank you for doing this great review =}

barkergirl33 said...[Reply]

I love your pairing-it looked hot, but not sleezy. Corset tops are one of my favorite wardrobe items-they go with anything: sweaters,jackets,jeans,skirts...great review!

AnarchyMomma said...[Reply]

Love it, looks great on you!

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