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Considered getting a Boob job? Things to think about...

boob job
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So have you? Have you ever considered getting a boob job? Aka breast implants? I've always thought of breast implants as more of a necessity after a masectomy for breast cancer. However, I increasingly hear about people doing it for cosmetic reasons quite commonly. Even those who have had a masectomy go up a size or two for cosmetic reasons when they get their implants placed. Well, if you have to do it anyways, why not, right? Now, there are people who get breast enhancements, but did you also know that people can also get breast reductions? You may ask, but why? Medical problems can arise from large breasts. They can cause back, neck and shoulder pain and affect the physical and psychological well-being of a woman. There's always both sides of an issue, right?

Despite my opinion, I have always been curious about how things worked, so needless to say, whether I would consider getting them or not, I wanted to know about the procedure. I, myself, don't have large breasts and since I've been on Nutrisystem and lost weight, I lost even more off my breasts since breasts are composed of fat cells. While I may be curious about it, I don't think I would ever do it. It's personal preference, of course. There's also a matter of cost. The price of breast implants today vary depending on your surgeon, location, and the type of implant. It's not a cheap operation and you also have to weigh your risks against your benefits.  To undergo this surgery, patients are generally put under general anesthetics and as with every surgery, there are risks. Are they worth undergoing for what you consider your benefits?

If you are interested, there are two common types of implants used, saline and silicone. Silicone implants typically come pre-filled at a various available sizes. Saline implants are filled in the operation room. With saline implants, empty shells are first inserted and then filled with saline to a certain volume in order to make a certain size. Sometimes, surgeons start patients off on a saline breast implant so that the volumes can be adjusted in order to decide the final volume/size desired in their silicone transplants. Silicone implants also look more natural than saline implants in my honest opinion, however, they also cost more.

Have you ever considered it? What is your take on the topic? As with anything big you purchase, you should always do a thorough research on it before making a final decision, especially when it concerns your health.

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Lotus Medical International said...[Reply]

Hi Cinny,

Great post! I work for a Medical Tourism company that provides breast implants in Phuket and Bangkok.

All our surgeons use silicone implants and only Mentor brand which is one of the top on the market today. Which I know is important after the recent PIP Implant controversy.

As with any country, or surgeon, it is imperative that you do your research into the surgeon; his track record, his education and career, speak to previous patients and most of all make sure they are insured!

Best of luck Ladies!


Grandma Juice said...[Reply]

I have!!! And not to make the girls bigger, but to bring them back home!! At 40, after having 4 kids, they've started to wander away. They needed some 'perking' up!

Shelley Zurek -- Still Blonde after all these YEARS said...[Reply]

My Book job would consist of a LIFT...not complaining but I already have WAAAYYY too mUch

Actingbalanced said...[Reply]

I've always been smaller than my frame, but I'm good with that... I've had a few friends get reductions rather than implants...

Amanda said...[Reply]

I'm with the ladies above. I would much rather reduce/lift than enhance :) hehe

Michelle said...[Reply]

I guess I hear about the surgery so much I have considered it but since I'm very whimpy when it comes to pain, I've never pursued it.

Paula Schuck said...[Reply]

Wow. This is informative. Thanks. I am not planning to get one anytime soon. But I appreciate the information. Good work. If I ever hear a friend who is seeking more information, then I will send them to your blog.


Caryn B. said...[Reply]

With any major surgery, particularly one that's cosmetic and not necessary, it's always best to weight the risks and benefits...I've personally never considered this but for a woman with breast cancer who's had to have a could be life-changing for them

Sharon Greenthal said...[Reply]

No boob jobs for me, but I get why others want to have this procedure. I am terrified of going under the knife for cosmetic surgery. I just have this fear of dying, and having everyone say "she was getting a tummy tuck when she died."

Claudya Martinez said...[Reply]

I appreciate having the information, but I am not one to go for elective surgery.

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