Monday, July 30, 2012

Use your imagination with #Blankz #toys #Review

I just found a new toy and I can see kids and adults alike loving this one. Are you curious? This could give them hours of entertainment. I introduce to you blankZ, the toy that allows you to display your artistic side. They're called blankZ because they are plush dolls that come as blank slates and markers so that you can decorate and design your toy however you'd like. There are a limited number of blankZ, currently 7 different designs in series 1. I received the White Hound to review, luckily, it was one of my choices since I have JR and Baby Pom. So, what do you think I decided to design?
blankZ toys
Of course, I was going to make a mini JR. Well, obviously, the breed's not the same but I can at least try, right? Here's what I discovered in my creative process. I liked how you can decorate it on your own, it's a clever process that stimulates a child's imagination and works on their fine motor skills. Better yet is that when they're done with their design and want to start over again, you can toss it in the washer and dryer and start a blankZ again!

Features I think they could improve on, however, include providing more marker colors (the box comes with 5), figuring out how to make them smudge less, and more styles for the blankZ. As I colored, I was disappointed that I couldn't match the color of my design to JR's actual fur color. I tried my best though, mixing and matching colors but found that the colors smudged and couldn't maintain the fine line that I created. Of course, this probably has less relevance to children that are just starting to test this out but I see a market for adolescents too and if blankZ want to market to them, they have to fine-tune the details. The colors also smudged to my hands, which I was able to mostly wash off with soap and water. However, there were still some stains left behind, which I can see as cause for worry for parents. They also say that if their markers get on clothing, a cycle of wash and dry will get it out.
blankZ art work
I haven't gotten to washing it yet because I quite like my design despite all the smudging so I can't tell you how well it washes out and returns to being completely white again. LOL, sorry, I'd normally test it out and let you know...but it's my baby, I can't delete her! What do you think of my design? Is it even close?

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Cheap Is The *New* Classy said...[Reply]

Your dog is really cute! Laid back!


Views From the 'Ville said...[Reply]

Those are two cute pups! I like the idea of being able to wash and start again; it's a never-ending canvas for little imaginations :)

Grandma Juice said...[Reply]

Aawwww.... Don't wash it!!! :)

Kecia | From Mom's Desk said...[Reply]

I love Blankz toys! They are great at letting children express themselves. :)

Cristine said...[Reply]

Love toys that let kids express themselves.

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