Wednesday, April 25, 2012

See a #Brave #Chimpanzee in action #Disney #Pixar

Teehee...I'm kidding...sort of. I've got stuff to share about Disney/Pixar's movie, Brave that is coming up soon and Chimpanzee, the already wildly popular Disney nature film.

First up is Brave, check out this Families Legend trailer. It is so good! I totally love the main character's mentality and of course, her fun archery skills. I keep jokingly telling my SO, what is going on with the archery? You see, I picked up archery recent before the Hunger Games, before the Avengers, before Brave! Archery all of a sudden is becoming such a huge hit. People are definitely going to think that I started it because of the archery mania in these movies. LOL...Anyhow, onto the trailer. It's a good one!
And, I had to share this picture of these little bears from Brave. So cute! Brave comes out June 22 and you can bet I'm going to make the SO watch with me.
Brave movie
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Chimpanzee really has been stirring up a lot of attention. It boasts a $10.6 Million Opening-Weekend Box Office and in celebration of that, they're helping the Jane Goodall Institute by extending the “See ‘Chimpanzee,’ Save Chimpanzees” conservation initiative for a second week. Basically, if you go and see “Chimpanzee” through May 3, 2012, Disneynature will make a donation to the Jane Goodall Institute (JGI) through the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund, all in order to protect chimpanzees.

If you haven't heard, Chimpanzee takes you deep into the forests of Africa in a new True Life Adventure. It features Oscar, an adorable young chimpanzee, and his approach to life in a touching story of family bonds and individual triumph.
Working together, Oscar’s chimpanzee family—including his mom, Isha, and the group’s savvy leader, Freddy — navigates the complex territory of the forest. The world is a playground for little Oscar and his fellow young chimpanzees, who’d rather make mayhem than join their parents for an afternoon nap. But when Oscar’s family is confronted by a rival band of chimpanzees, he is left to fend for himself until a surprising ally steps in and changes his life forever.
Sweet, right? Go watch it in theaters now! You'll help save chimps!

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Grandma Juice said...[Reply]

I think it's going to another Disney movie to add to the ever growing collections of 'timeless treasures!'

Erika said...[Reply]

I've heard a lot about this movie, it seems really cute and "family friendly."

Anonymous said...[Reply]

This movie looks really cute. Gotta see it.

Caryn B. said...[Reply]

Can't wait to see Brave! LOVED Chimpanzee!

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