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 Over the Moon milk

Okay, I always drink skim milk...well, I'll get 1% if there's absolutely no skim milk available but I've always held a fondness for chocolate milk as well. If only, it weren't so fattening. Then I found out about Over the Moon Milk Products which feature creamy deliciousness in several options.

Available in Fat Free, Low Fat and Chocolate, it also features 34% more calcium and 37% more protein than regular milk. Pretty neat, right? I should mention the Chocolate milk is a Fat-Free Chocolate that's 40 calories more per glass than the Fat Free Milk option. I don't get Chocolate milk everyday so its not too bad, especially since this one was Fat Free! So, I'm sure its pretty obvious what I chose to review, right?
fat free chocolate milk
This chocolate milk is something different. It definitely tasted different than regular chocolate milk although I can't really put my finger on it. Its richer and thicker but slightly less sweet than your regular chocolate milk. Its still pretty sweet though for me because despite my sweet tooth, I've always mixed my chocolate milk with my skim milk.

I should mention that they have an all-star line up of smoothie and shake recipes available so definitely check that out. I'm going to share one that I would love to try and make! And its super simple!
Blue Moon Smoothie (417 calories)
Servings: 1-2
-1/2 cup Over the Moon Fat Free Milk
-1 cup of blueberries
-2 scoops fat free vanilla frozen yogurt
-2 Tbsp. honey

All you have to do is blend everything until smooth and garnish with fresh blueberries.
Over The Moon Milks promotion
It does cost a little more than your regular milk though. This half gallon costed me $4 and my gallon of skim milk costed a little over $5. However, what you're paying for is the increased calcium and protein which may be good for those with osteoporosis and those wanting to lose weight without losing muscle. For me, it could be a good nommy treat now and again.

Buy ItCheck online or in stores to see if a store near you carries Over the Moon Milk.

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Over the Moon Sipper Cups
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