Sunday, April 15, 2012

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I just finished week #14 week of my Nutrisystem program and the SO has passed his 6th week. This week was not too bad!

I've been at 130's-131 again for the majority of this week, which makes good because I had a lot of pizza and some McD's very recently. Eek! I know! Luckily though, I had no drastic weight gain and I actually weighed myself again after I initially published this post and OMG, I went under 130lb! Finally! *Does celebration dance*
Starting Weight (142.8lb/142.5)
Week 1: -1.9lb (140.6)
Week 2: -2.0lb (138.6)
Week 3: +0.2lb (138.8)
Week 4: -3.8lb (135.0)
Week 5: +0.2lb (135.2)
Week 6: -1.4lb (133.8)
Week 7: +1.0lb (134.8)
Week 8: -1.8lb (133.0)
Week 9: -0.5lb (132.5)
Week 10: -0.7lb (131.8)
Week 11: +0.6lb (132.4)
Week 12: 0.0 (132.4)
Week 13: -1.8 (130.6)
Week 14: -0.8 (129.8)
Current totals: -12.7lbs

The SO is very busy and eating sporadically so I make sure I pack him enough of his Nutri so that he can keep his energy high. He is, however, losing weight which is a plus!
Starting Weight (162.0lb)
Week 1: -5.1lb (156.9)
Week 2: +0.1lb (157.0)
Week 3: -1.0lb (156.0)
Week 4: -1.0lb (155.0)
Week 5: +1.0lb (156.0)
Week 6: -2.0lb (154.0)
Current totals: -8.0lbs

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