Thursday, April 12, 2012

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As much as I love giving my babies treats, I prefer them to be healthy treats. was able to help out with that. My JR has a knee problem despite her young age. The vet had said her knee cap occasionally pops out by itself causing her pain and giving her a limp. He had recommended glucosamine to help. However, I can't just get something for the JR but not baby Pom, right?

So at VetDepot, i was able to get something for their individual needs. If you own a Pom, you know that their demtal hygeine is very important. They're known for their bad teeth so you have to take care of it early and maintain that throughout their lives. As such, the two products I chose to review were CET Chews Petite for Small Dogs and GlycoFlex III Bite Sized Chews.
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Glyco-Flex III Bite-Sized Chews are 60 Soft Chews that provide the maximum formula for elderly, sporting, and working dog. It helps those in need of connective tissue and joint suppor. Its so trusted that it is sometimes even used after orthopedic surgery. Glyco-Flex III helps rebuild cartilage and cushions the joints, probably reducing pain through improved joints. These chicken liver flavored soft chews are definitely no joke when it comes to their smell and flavor. It smells quite appetizing and JR can't wait to get hers every day. Be sure to follow the instructions though. These chews are recommended on a full stomach and doses are different depending on their weight. So, although it is a treat, you should still read the packaging and give accordingly. For example, for the JR, initially, she gets 1 chew daily for the initial 4-6 weeks and then during the maintenance phase, she gets 1 chew every other day. It's a little too soon for me to tell whether this is helping her knee or not but what I do know is that it has glucosamine in it and that has proven to help. So, we shall see.

Virbac Animal Health has CET Chews for Dogs of different sizes I am reviewing the Petite sizes which come with 30 Chews. They function to maintain a home dental hygiene regimen. Using your pet's natural chewing motion, CET Chews help to fight plaque and tartar if given as a daily chew. Available for both dogs and cat's, they have a special Dual-Enzyme System and natural antiseptic properties. They come as these long, flat white chews. The petite is meant for dogs under 11lbs making it perfect for baby Pom since he's still under 5lbs. He really savors theses sticks but I can only give him half a stick at a time or big sis will come and take it away.

Buy ItShop online for your own pet products. Glyco-Flex III Bite-Sized Chews, 60 Soft Chews retails for $47.99 but sells for $33.87 online. CET Chews retails for $27.99 bur sells for $19.97 online.

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