Tuesday, April 3, 2012

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When we walk the JR, she gets super excited and finds it hard to not pull. And it's something that breaks my heart because she's choking herself but is too excited to realize it. Even when her breathing sounds terrible, she doesn't care because she's on her walk. Do your dogs walk you? Have you tried anything that works?
prevent dog pulling
The Instant Trainer™ Leash offers a solution by using gentle but firm resistance to discourage your dog from pulling. It attaches to any collar making it very versatile. It’s veterinarian and trainer approved for all dogs and could just be the thing JR needs.

Two sizes are available:
-Small: 5ft long for dogs under 30lbs
-Large: 6ft long for dogs over 30lbs
I was sent a small Trainer Leash for review. The packaging was relatively simple as you can see from the picture and it looks very much like a regular leash. Does it work like it's supposed to? It sets up relatively easy but was kinda funky looking so I wasn't sure if I had it set up right at first. Then JR wasn't used to it so she'd run but then the Trainer Leash would tighten up in response to her pulling and she actually flipped over due to the tension. Lol, that taught her real quick. The SO was worried about the comfort of the whole idea because it wraps around the belly/hip area and tightens as they pull. It didn't appear to me that she was feeling too uncomfortable despite the initial time it took for her to get used to the new feel. I didn't hear her heavy breathing once while we used it and she did walk with me for the most part. However, you do have to keep some tension on it so that it doesn't fall off the back.

Now you're thinking how much does this thing cost? Is it worth it? Well, before you couldn't buy one by itself because the company offered a 2 for 1 deal. Now they do offer an option for you to purchase just the one but its still much more worth it to buy two, especially if you have more than one dog. See below for more details. When you break down the pricing, it's about $13 for each one even if you factor in the S&H. Not so bad considering the relief I get now that the JR isn't choking herself anymore. And despite the tension, I have not seen any red markings on her belly from the training yet.

Buy It: Shop online for your own Trainer Leash. They recently dropped their price from $19.99 to $9.99 + $8S&H. They are no offering a similar deal to before where you can pay the additional $8 shipping making a total of ~$26 for an additional 2 Reusable Sticky Rollers and a 2nd Instant Trainer™ in the same size.

Win It: 1 lucky Whirlwind of Surprises reader will win a Trainer Leash ($20) for themselves! Come back to enter the giveaway.

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Darlene said...[Reply]

I would love to win one of these, I have 2 big black lab dogs, that have pulled me face down 4 times already. When is your giveaway going to start, I would like to try it before purchasing one.


Amy Orvin said...[Reply]

My dogs don't really pull me when we go for walks, but it's still something nice to have.


Rachael Sutton said...[Reply]

This would be great for my friend's crazy dog who is so wild, especially on leashes!

-Rachael Henzman

emeraldmaz said...[Reply]

would love to try it on my pugs

Kris said...[Reply]

Interesting! I usually use a gentle leader, but this is another option.

Cynthia Downer said...[Reply]

I imagine this would be a little uncomfortable for male dogs lol

GW said...[Reply]

I love using plain leashes for my dog

Unknown said...[Reply]

Because I walk with a limp and a cane my balance is horrible and I fall easily. So for this reason I don't get to walk my Yorkie as much as I would like to because he loves to pull me in his excitement. This saddens me because he loves the outside so much and loves to go on walks. If this leash could stop that it would be a terrific resolution to our problem. Please I need to win one of these badly. Thanks for the review and giveaway!

Trayce M. said...[Reply]

This seems like a great product. Once again thx for bringing this info to us :)

Anonymous said...[Reply]

I am very excited to try out this leash, as my dog walks me and pulls hards, which of course chokes himself. If this doesn't work for him, I may have to resort to having him neutered :(

slehan said...[Reply]

I sometimes house sit for dog owners and this might be good to take with me.

Michelle Spayde said...[Reply]

Definitely worth a shot! I'm for trying anything that doesn't use cruel and/or dangerous restraint measures such as choke or pinch collars.

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