Monday, April 16, 2012

Going Crazy with Gogo's Crazy Bones from #Nintendo #DS #GogosCrazyBones #Gaming

GoGo's Crazy Bones Review
Yay, it's time for another game review on my Nintendo DS. This one is so good that I may not end up giving it to my nephews. Lol, well, maybe I'll share.

Gogo’s Crazy Bones is the newest release from GameMill Entertainment for the DS. It came out very recently and is apparently quite the popular kids toy right now. Take a look at these screenshots.
GoGo characters GoGo's Crazy Bones game
These toy characters are just so cute! Gogo’s Crazy Bones are small, colorful, figurines and this game transforms them to life. You'll find more than 70 puzzles and 30 favorite Gogo’s to collect in this game. Each GoGo has a unique name, design, personality and special ability. Players also have the opportunity to unlock five Gogo’s in every level. Play games like Knock Out, Battle and Basket Attacks.

It's similar to Angry Birds, another game I love! Catapult these little characters at various challenging puzzles for hours of fun. Pick five Gogos to be your army as you try to conquer levels that get progressively harder. Try to make it through all 5 unique worlds, 25 levels containing 4 game types. The challenge of obtaining power-upsand medals medals makes this game enjoyable time and time again.

Cute graphics and fun actions make this game easily addictive and hard to ut down. It's one for the whole family!

Buy It: Check or in stores for your own GoGo's Crazy Bones ($29.99).

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Nikki said...[Reply]

Oh geez, I'm going to have to get this for my son! I didn't know they made a game for it. We have like 300 of the Go-Go Crazy Bones from when he was collecting them. Thanks for the review!

Kristyn said...[Reply]

O wow my nephew would love this game!!

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