Sunday, April 29, 2012

Kate Spade $425 Purse Event Apr 30-May 10 US #KateSpade

It's here!! Look at this gorgeous thing! Even I want it but it's all for you, the readers. Are you ready to own this navy Kate Spade purse valued at $425?

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Giveaway will run April 30 12:01 am EST - May 10 11:59 pm EST. Do the mandatory entry to unlock the bonus entries which consist of Facebook likes. Enter on the Rafflecopter form below. Good luck! Open to US. Please take the time to check out our other giveaways while you're here.

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Andrea Amy said...[Reply]

Just curious. You say it's open to Canada as well but the rafflecopter says US only. Why the descrepency? I would like to enter but I'm Canadian...

Unknown said...[Reply]

If this runs from April 30 which is tomorrow how is there 16,777 entries already? That is a lot if it has not started yet, can you let me know how these work, I have seen this before, I do not enter because if there is that many and it has not started yet, chances of winning are really slim

stacey dempsey said...[Reply]

Ihave never had a nice purse lol something from reitmans maybe?

Unknown said...[Reply]

A knock off :( - maybe that can all change now!!!! Fingers crossed

Cinny said...[Reply]

@Andrea AmyHi Andrea, Sorry for the confusion. Our last Coach giveaway event was open to US/Canada so I assumed this one would be as well because its being run by the same group. However, I was just informed overnight that it was going to be open to the US and have changed the above to reflect that. If you have an US address, like a friend, to ship to, you can still enter.

Cinny said...[Reply]

@D.Calvert, This was scheduled to start at 12:01am April 30. It seems that they started it a couple hours earlier due to the excitement and hype on facebook. LOL, so being that its a $425 authentic designer purse, people are going crazy about it. :) Have you heard, we're giving away a LOUIS VUITTON next!

Anonymous said...[Reply]

I love my marc Jacobs!

Crystal said...[Reply]

a Lug bag, lol!

jbafaith said...[Reply]

A pretty reddish leather bag I bought at a garage sale for 50 cents! I cannot/would not spend lots on a purse!

intensev5 said...[Reply]

I have never owned a really nice or expensive purse -- this would be quite a treat to win!!

jbafaith said...[Reply]

I messed up and accidentally hit the enter button instead of the link to make sure I followed all the facebook pages on number one. Is there a way to go that page? Sorry

Cinny said...[Reply]

@jbafaith, So do you see where it's greyed out and says Done? Beside that, there's an edit. Click that and it'll pop open the entry box again so that you can access the link to check. Let me know if that works for you. Good luck!

jbafaith said...[Reply]

Sorry I do not see an edit to click on

Lauren said...[Reply]

a Coach purse is the nicest I've ever owned

Bookish Fangirl said...[Reply]

I would love to win this purse!

jasmyth10 said...[Reply]

The nicest purse Ive ever owned is a purse a girlfriend brought back for me from a trip to Italy. It was a Fendi bucket purse and I wore it to death!

Francois said...[Reply]

nicest purse i ever owned was my wallet. Beautiful piece of organized design.

nrobak said...[Reply]

a leather purse hand made for me

comfychairs said...[Reply]

My Roots bag that I have now

slhaydon at hotmail dot com

Burcu said...[Reply]

A black lug bag


Myra Rzepa said...[Reply]

my no name brand leopard print purse i currently have right now:P its the nicest look wise but its cheap:P

BlessedTa said...[Reply]

My red pocketbook

Missypen said...[Reply]

Leopard Print Betseyville :)

jessrm said...[Reply]

A Kate Spade velvet evening purse. Very fancy...hardly ever get to use it though!

contestcrow said...[Reply]

I love my marc Jacobs!

contestcrow at gmail dot com

pigtails_and_mohawks said...[Reply]

The nicest purse I have ever owned is a Coach & a Vera.

Tiffany LaCourse

Doris said...[Reply]

It is a coach purse! Love it!

richelle bowers said...[Reply]

not only would it be the nicest it would be the most expensive
richelle bowers @

Amber said...[Reply]

Coach. I've had several and loved them all!

Lacey Thach said...[Reply]

Louis Vuitton purse!

Janet said...[Reply]

I made a leather purse for myself.

Kate said...[Reply]

Prada purse that my mom bought me! :D

Emily N. said...[Reply]

A Saks purse.

Unknown said...[Reply]

A coach purse

Felicia K. said...[Reply]

I once had a Prada, loved it!

tina reynolds said...[Reply]

betty johnson

Maegan Morin said...[Reply]

Sadly I have never owned a nice purse... although I had a Tokidoki bag that I really loved!

Farrah Morelli said...[Reply]

I bought a used Coach purse & love it.

Anonymous said...[Reply]

The nicest purse I have is a Coach bag.

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