Saturday, January 12, 2013

It's how cold and this #Frockstar still wants to travel in #MyYesDress?!

Karina Dresses
As some of you may have read last month, I finally had a rare opportunity to take a family vacation. It's been years since my brother was able to get some time off so it made this all the more special.

I usually stress over packing. I always worry about what to pack and if I've forgotten anything. It can take me anywhere from a full day to a couple days to pack. This time, I set a new record. It was the first time packing finished so quickly. My secret?

My pal, Karina, helped this #Frockstar out. I had a beautiful wardrobe of Karina dresses at my fingertips. Easy dresses that didn't wrinkle or take up much space.

I balled up my dresses, tossed them in the suitcase and was pretty much ready to go. Even during the trip, laundry was a breeze. My Karina dresses could go in the washer and dryer so I was always looking my best.

It was -15 degrees Celsius (about 5 degrees Farenheit) and stubborn little me was still insisting on wearing my Karina dress with leggings to the airport. Um, well, if I'm going to be travelling for 20+ hours and have 2 different lay overs (each 3+ hours long), I'm going to be comfortable and I don't care what you say. The brief cold isn't going to deter me.
Pudong Shanghai Airport, Big Buddha, Hong Kong, Travel, Ngong Ping 360
I decided to wear the Megan 3/4 Sleeve in Paisley size S/M. Surprisingly, this was still a nice fit on me. The comfort and ease of movement in it is as always, wonderfully smooth. I did notice, however, that the fabric is the type to sometimes snag on velcro. Luckily, with the pattern, those little snags were invisible to the naked eye. So, you see me at one of my lay overs in Shanghai's Pudong airport above and on the Ngong Ping 360 Sky ride. Ngong Ping 360 takes you to the base of the Big Buddha.
Tai O Fishing Village in Hong Kong, Travel
While we were there, Tai O is a relatively short bus ride away so of course, we'd go! It's an old fishing village that has maintained their traditional ways. They live in these aluminum panel houses built on stilts and throughout the village, you could see all sorts of food items being dried. A beautiful place surrounded by nature...and a place I could pig out on all sorts of local snacks (that cuttlefish had to weigh at least 5+ lbs)! I had a wonderful time travelling with family and guess what, this is only the first of several posts to come!

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Dede said...[Reply]

How beautiful! Thanks for the amazing pics. That dress is gorgeous and looks great on you. That's just the style of dress I like, too.

Lena B said...[Reply]

Such a pretty dress - Love it. I love getting new stuff for vacation - make me feel extra vacationy

Erin S said...[Reply]

I love the colors and pattern in that dress and so many ways to dress it up or add a sweater for morew warmth

Nikki said...[Reply]

That dress is gorgeous! I love how easy it is to care for. I avoid dresses mostly because I don't want to deal with special laundering directions, ironing boards, and what not. Love that Karina eliminates all those issues.

Jenn said...[Reply]

Adorable dress! I'm going over to check out the shop now.

Momma Told Me said...[Reply]

I love the dress, and I don't blame you one bit for wanting to wear something comfortable on those flights!

Minta's Creations said...[Reply]

Love that dress and you looked great. Loved your pics very beautiful.

Tiffany @ Real Mom Talk said...[Reply]

Love the dress, and I love that you could just throw them in your bag. I hate taking hanging clothes with me!

Unknown said...[Reply]

You look great and love the dress too.

Mama Blamer said...[Reply]

That dress looks great on you. Looks like you had a great vacation.

Susan Broughton said...[Reply]

I really love your dress! It looks so great on you! The pattern and color is really flattering!

Cheryl R said...[Reply]

I like that pattern as well! I think its great that you can just throw these in a suitcase and not really worry. Thanks for sharing your opinion. I want a Karina Dress!

intensev5 said...[Reply]

I love the purples in this dress. My fav. colour. Entry form name: Enelram

Anonymous said...[Reply]

Love the dress! Great for spring!

Jennifer Pellicone said...[Reply]

Love the dress! It is a beautiful color and very flattering. Sounds comfy and an easy travel dress.

Confessions of a Coupon Queen said...[Reply]

I love dresses with 3/4 length sleeves because you can layer them in colder weather and wear them almost year round!

Unknown said...[Reply]

That's a great dress and it looks fantabulous on you!

n1the said...[Reply]

I think the print and cut of this dress is great! Love it and wonderful to know that it is comfy enough for a long trip.

jbmthill said...[Reply]

I love the fact that karina dresses travel so well, from suitcase to sight seeing with little or no effort! Thanks for the great story.

Unknown said...[Reply]

The megan in paisley is perfection on you. How is does karina dresses make it for travelling, you can dress them up or down for whatever occasion and no ironing, Awesome.

Melissa Storms said...[Reply]

It sounds like you had a great time and the dress looks so casually elegant on you.

Christy DuBois said...[Reply]

This dress looks great on you. I am like you in that i would rather deal with a little cold air and be comfortable on such a long ride than have on something binding. I look forward to reading more of your trip.

ivyvine1977 said...[Reply]

I really love the dress, perfect!

Wendy ArtsyChaos said...[Reply]

It's so nice to have a vacation. I think your dress was a perfect choice for traveling!

T. Erickson said...[Reply]

What a fun pattern on this dress! Looks great on you :-) So great that this dress travels well.

RENNIE D said...[Reply]

I love the print of this dress you wear it so well!

denise low said...[Reply]

This one also looks cute on you. I love the colors

Gail Williams said...[Reply]

I wear a lot of dresses and want them to be easy care and easy packing. I love the fact they do not wrinkle or take up a lot of space in a suitcase. You look very beautiful in your dress.

Q said...[Reply]

Beautiful dress,beautiful lady,great store.thanks so very much for sharing.

Michelle said...[Reply]

Beautiful dress and looks really nice on.

Natalie said...[Reply]

I love the sleeve length on that dress. It would be a good fit for most body types!

Danielle said...[Reply]

What a fun pattern! Paisley always looks so cute. And I love the bodice on this dress -- looks very flattering.

trishden said...[Reply]

Love the 3/4 sleeves on this dress. I have to have my sleeves or I feel naked. This cut and the pretty purple/blue paisley looks great on you. Thanks for the review.

courtney hennagir said...[Reply]

Love the dress! It looks super comfy! I think it would be a great day or night dress too!

Bunniker said...[Reply]

I like how your dress fits so nicely at your waist and then flares out below. That would be great for my pear shape!

T. Erickson said...[Reply]

Looks like a wonderful vacation! How special to have your Brother able to go. I would love to go with my Brother on a vacation! Love the waist and shape of that Megan dress. Very flattering and a great travel piece!

Karen Hand said...[Reply]

This dress looks great on you. Love the hassle free styling.

Unknown said...[Reply]

I love that dress, so pretty

Bunniker said...[Reply]

Karina dresses are the perfect length. I would love to have some for work!

hhkaufman78 said...[Reply]

This is such a pretty & fun dress.

bill said...[Reply]

Now that is a beautifull dress. like all the colors in it

Unknown said...[Reply]

Love, love, love a dress that you can just toss in your suitcase! Being comfortable while traveling is key and you look awesome!

Anonymous said...[Reply]

I looooove Karina Dresses! I have one that is very pin-up-like and it's one of the best fitting dresses I've ever owned. Thanks for running this giveaway!

Anonymous said...[Reply]

a dress that doesn't require delicate handling? yes please!!

Michelle said...[Reply]

Gorgeous dress with great colors!

Lisa Samples said...[Reply]

These are the best ever dresses for traveling!

Rebecca B said...[Reply]

What a wonderful trip. I look forward to seeing more pics and hearing more about it. And the dress sounds pretty great too:)

Sandra Watts said...[Reply]

My favorite about this dress is the colors. It looks really nice on you too.

Kelly O said...[Reply]

Super cute dress! I like the 3/4 sleeves. The area you visited looks really beautiful. I am amazed that people there live in the aluminum panel houses built on stilts. I bet it is so cool to see in person.

MamaBass said...[Reply]

Nice dress to travel in and thanks for the fabric information, that's good to know. It looks great on you!

Unknown said...[Reply]

Those Karina dresses really do go anywhere!

Unknown said...[Reply]

You look fantastic in the dress. I love the colors in it. Also, the pictures are awesome.

Unknown said...[Reply]

This is the perfect dress for travel! It's gorgeous and easy to wear and pack. You look amazing! Perfect color for you!

Lisa Samples said...[Reply]

i commented on your post a couple weeks ago but it is not showing up - i shared how much i loved this dress on you!

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