Monday, April 30, 2012

Goodies for Mommies Giveaway Event May 1-6 WW

So, it's almost Mother's Day! Translates into: there's going to be lots of giveaway events including this Goodies for Mommies Giveaway! Enter away!

Here's a nice quote: A man loves his sweetheart the most, his wife the best, but his mother the longest. ~Irish Proverb

Jade of Happy Home and Family and Diva Fabulosa fashion blog would like to celebrate Mother's Day by giving 5 lucky mommies some goodies.
Happy Home and Family Diva Fabulosa

This event is sponsored by: Mama Never Told Me,, How to Rock Your Baby, & Dryper's Wee Wee Dry, Health and Beauty Diva and Best Vacation Places. There will be 5 packages up for grabs. Each winner will get the following but note you may receive items separately due to them being sent separately from different sponsors.
  • Mama Never Told Me books by Emily Van Do - Retail Value $9.95 each
  • A Choice of What To Expect Books by Heidi Murkoff - Retail Value $ 8.97 - $19.11
  • How to Rock Your Baby - $10.19
  • Dryper's Baby Shirts (For Philippine residents only)
Please enter on the Rafflecopter form below. Good luck! Please take the time to enter my other giveaways while you're here.

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Andrea Amy said...[Reply]

greatest fear as a mom: something really bad happening to one of my 5 boys.

jenny said...[Reply]

mine is that some thing bad could happen to my child

Fern Tan said...[Reply]

I fear my kid does not know how to get up when he falls

DarkWIngz said...[Reply]

Drowning get a pool device that monitors pool water movement

shirley fin said...[Reply]

child abduction. watch my kid all the time

abile27 at yahoo dot com

buzzd said...[Reply]

a sports injury

Judy said...[Reply]

Mainly, a major disease would be found in my children.

RJ said...[Reply]

I worry about child molestation. I'll be very careful who I trust around my child

Amber said...[Reply]

Greatest Mom Fear: That I will somehow manage to screw up my children. How do I deal with it? Realize that no matter what I do they will most likely someday blame me for something. Just keep telling them how much you love them every single day!

Janet said...[Reply]

that they get hurt of lost

GabbyLowe said...[Reply]

I always worry about my children, especially my girls being sexually assaulted. If it did happen, I would support them and help them to heal in any way possible, (Laura DeLuca)

Wendy said...[Reply]

Losing one of my kids is my biggest fear. I'd turn to the Lord... all I could do. I don't live in fear, but that would be my biggest nightmare since you're asking.
Thx for the giveaway~
wendy2lindsey at yahoo dot com

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