Sunday, April 15, 2012

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With April being Autism awareness month, one of the entries on the Rafflecotper is to read and comment on this post, Share With Autism United.

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Thomas Ng said...[Reply]

Lots of great infos on autism. Pretty interesting.
Ted Kooper

Dustykatt said...[Reply]

Thank you for this - I forwarded the link to my friend who's youngest son has autism. I think having a place to connect with other parents will be good for both of them.

Just Coupons said...[Reply]

Great site for information. I thought it was great that it said Every voice makes a difference, every word makes others not feel alone.
(left a comment here and there because I was not sure where to leave it)

Amy delong said...[Reply]

great info will pass on

Unknown said...[Reply]

Good article. I have a couple friends who have autistic children. Watching what everyone goes through -- children and parents -- wow. That's hard.


MsAngelasFinds said...[Reply]

I so am glad to see you are spreading the word on Autism! Thanks for a great giveaway!
Angela Michels

tnrina said...[Reply]

I have worked in the MR/DD field for 26+. It is finally time Autism has been brought to the forefront and now has peoples' attention. They have come so far in treatment/maintenance and they have farther to go.
tnrina at gmail dot com

Barbara Palermo said...[Reply]

Thanks, I don’t know a lot of autism.

dorottyazsofia said...[Reply]

People need to be aware of what autism is and to help these kids and people. Very well written article.

Mijal Photography said...[Reply]

Great website... glad there is an organization focused on bringing awareness to autism as it so widespread in our society today.

Clvn8 said...[Reply]

Great site, more awareness for autism is good

Elena Rudaya said...[Reply]

Thanks for sharing this article with us, I didn't know a lot about autism.

Jessica said...[Reply]

really great info on autism, have learned lots
jessicatang90 at gmail dot com

WandaJean said...[Reply]

A very good read about is not very understood by most

an ika said...[Reply]

Thanks for this article about Autism. Great website.

Banti said...[Reply]

I read the article and symptoms vary a lot, not easy to diagnose!

Mysharona said...[Reply]

I am a regular visitor to autism united.

peg42 said...[Reply]

Very interesting. My nephew has Autism and this article is very informative.

amp said...[Reply]

Site is an excellent resource site for those who know little about the various types of autism,like me. Was interested to read about the more functional types. Did not hear about this when I was growing up 40 years ago.

apoalillo {AT} hotmail dot com

mkjmc said...[Reply]

More and more people I know are being touched by autism

buzzd said...[Reply]

great article and ideas to make people aware of autism

guettel78 said...[Reply]

Although I haven't been affected by autism in my immediate family, I have friends and students who have, and I know what a huge challenge it can be to navigate daily life as an autistic individual, so it's amazing to hear about the work of Autism United!

Geoff K

Fern Tan said...[Reply]

Good to know more about autism through the post.

Anonymous said...[Reply]

very good article and its encouraging to see there really are others out there that understand.

Anonymous said...[Reply]

My cousin was autistic but years ago he was just labelled as being mentally retarded

Holly said...[Reply]

Great article for spreading awareness and offering hope to those that have a child with autism.

Minute said...[Reply]

Autism is a big problem these days. Good to know something is being done to help with it.

Sue C. said...[Reply]

Great resource for anyone whose life is touched by autism, pretty much everybody.

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