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I've learnt at a young age that you have to take care of your skin through creams, lotions, toners, and occasional exfoliation. When I had time, I would sometimes go for facial with my mother and enjoy myself. However, I've never attempted any at home microderms. I was up for the challenge though when the opportunity arose to review a PMD Home Microderm Abrasion Device.

beauty products reviewWhen you pop the box open, you should find that the PMD comes with a reusable filter (which is the little black circular foam), power cord, facial cap, body cap, 2 green and 3 blue exfoliating discs, and an instructional CD and pamphlet.

The PMD is for both body and facial use. Make sure to use the larger cap and green discs for the body and the smaller cap and blue discs for the face. Essentially, you're performing an exfoliation to remove dead skin while the vacuum created by the device Helps to bring blood flow to the surface. This serves to promote penetration of renewal and recovery creams, for which I'd recommend a hydrating serum. The result is supposed to be better, healthier skin.

Product Specifications:
Model: 1001 SKU: 3547167
Warranty Terms - Parts 6 months
Warranty Terms - Labor 6 months
Product Height 5-3/4"
Product Width 8"
Product Weight 1.5 lbs.
Product Depth 2-5/8"

You have to be really careful with this device. I know they warn you on the video and everything but you should still be extra cautious, especially if you have sensitive skin. Honestly, I found it quite hard to use the first time. You are supposed to hold the skin taut between your fingers and then run the PMD across your face horizontally or vertically depending on the area. You should only go over the same area of the face ONCE, making sure not to hover too long on one area or you will get burned! The other thing to keep in mind is that you should feel the vacuum at all times and you should get that if you are running the tip flat across your face. Unfortunately, I had a hard time keeping the PMD flat against my face, especially the left side since I'm a righty. I later read that the cap should be a little higher than the exfoliating disc and I figured that was my problem.

After the treatment was completed, my face was a bit red, which is normal. What I did notice is that the right side of my face, which was much easier to do became softer and smoother after the treatment. Unfortunately, I gave myself red stripes along my left cheek were I was unable to keep the vacuum suction at all times because I just couldn't seem to keep it flat against my face. Trust me, this was kinda embarrassing to go into work the next day with what looked like rug burns on the left side of my face. Luckily, it did clear up within several days. Tip: Do it on a Friday where you have the weekend to heal, just in case... They also recommended toner after treatment. Be warned, it's going to burn.

I know at this point, I've probably scared everyone off due to my inexperience with these devices. There is good news though. I tried it again after a week and attempted to use it properly. This time, I was able to keep the vacuum on for the most part on the right side of my face and I would say 90% of the left side of my face. I would definitely say practice with this  and keeping the cap slightly above the tip helps. I still had some red abrasive marks on the left side of my face but it was barely noticeable versus last week. I actually asked the SO to feel various parts of my face and neck to see if he noticed a difference. He gave me a strange look since I didn't tell him the reason behind the madness. LOL...he was able to say that the right side of my neck (the side I actually used the PMD on last night) was smoother and softer. I, myself, had noticed softer, smoother skin as well as decreased coloration in my pimple scars after the treatments and was glad to see I wasn't the only one seeing the difference.

Bottomline: This is a challenging product to use. You have to exercise caution, at least until you get the hang of it, as to not cause abrasions. However, when used correctly, it does appear to produce better and healthier looking skin.

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Losito said...[Reply]

I have this product and love it. It is best to keep the tool moving quickly. My skin has never been smoother!

Jeannette said...[Reply]

Hmmmm - I might have to check this out. I usually not good with electronics though so I'll have to be extra cautious!

Actingbalanced said...[Reply]

I am not even good with a curling iron... I should probably leave this to the professionals :)

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