Monday, February 13, 2012

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Ok, my JR pulls on her leash a lot...and I mean, A LOT! She doesn't seem to get the concept that pulling on it means she ends up choking herself and it also makes it hard for her to breath. But nope, she just keeps pulling. Its been driving me crazy for ages so I wanted to train her to stop pulling.

So, I was a little concerned whether she could handle the switch over to LeashLocket, the newest   innovative dog leash on the market. It features a ergonomic holder that fits in the palm of your hand when you want to use the retractable leash that also attaches via magnet to its counterpart you put on your dog's collar when you're not walking them. Essentially, the dog carries the leash for you. Its available in two sizes, one for dogs up to 55 lbs and one for dogs up to 90lbs.

I loved the magnetic hold, it made it so easy to grab the holder when you needed it. There wasn't any need to do anything complicated and there's no need to go looking for your leash either. When I took the babies to the dog park, I just let the JR carry her locket around. I didn't have to worry about losing anything. I am glad I also reviewed the wrist strap though, which you attach to the locket for a little more of an extended reach and also for security. I say that because the JR pulls and with the Leash Locket alone at first, she was strong enough to yank it out of our hands. The wrist strap works well to prevent that from happening until she learns not to pull. So, I would recommend the Leash Locket for dogs that don't pull and if they do, just add the wrist strap.

The LeashLocket also extends almost 6 feet, giving your dog a good distance to roam. Although since I've been trying to train the JR to not pull, I've been keeping it locked to a shorter distance for the most part. I'm proud to say that in the several weeks that I've now been using it, I do feel that she is pulling a bit less than she normally would. I hope that with time, she'll stop pulling altogether and I'll be able to use the LeashLocket without the strap.

LeashLocket inventor Dave Marshall and his wife Val were recently on "Colorado's Best" on Fox 31. Check that out here.

Buy ItShop online at LeashLocket. The LeashLocket retails for $34.99 but currently is at an introductory price of $24.95. The wrist strap is $3.95. A portion of the proceeds from LeashLocket sales goes towards helping abused and neglected pets through the ASTRO foundation.

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Erin S said...[Reply]

One of the Gals at work was randomly talking about this-funny I find this post! I am passing you the Versatlie Blogger Award: Pass it on!

pmh said...[Reply]

My Trouble also has an issue with pulling on the leash and I love to have him with me when I walk. It sounds like this product, with the wrist strap, might just be the ticket to stopping this. Time simply does not seem to do the trick. thanks for the opportunity. penny hyde

Kathy said...[Reply]

I have a JR also, and she really pulls on the leash. I'm glad to know the Leash Locket has a wrist strap to help with that.

Julie Bjerga said...[Reply]

I had JUST heard of this product before I read your review, but I'm glad I did! Great product, and I'm so glad they make a small one for up to 55 lbs, I was afraid it would be too big for my standard longhaired dachshund (my beloved Ralphie).


Michelle Spayde said...[Reply]

This would be great for my mother's dog that tends to pull a bit too often. Neat concept!

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